Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Top Spots for Security Cameras

When the question flips to the security of your family members, this is when you have to trust your gut only. Besides, it’s necessary to come up with some crucial questions. For instance, make sure to ask yourself – where do you all need the security camera to be installed? What are the most suitable as well as vulnerable locations on your property?

Among the other questions that the homeowner should ask are do you have obscured or hidden entrances, doors or windows that burglars may find especially appealing? Have you ever faced with the break-ins before? If yes, when? In other words, you are the one, who knows your living area best. It means that only you know how to keep your home from intrusion.

When you’re done with the right locations for your security cameras, you will now have to find out whether you will install the devices where burglars can notice them, - to serve as the so-called deterrent but where they can be broken effortlessly – or whether you have to install the cameras out of reach of thieves so that the devices will always catch the potential thief on the video.

Some of the experts within the industry recommend choosing a hybrid method. It’s about installing your real cameras out of sight and out of reach, and then install the dummy cameras. The letter look absolutely like authentic ones. Thus, in case a burglar breaks one of the security cameras, it will be a cheap dummy, and you, as the homeowner, will be provided with the video of the act as well.

Consider the following five locations you have to place your security camera at:  

Front Door

According to the most recent statistics data, almost 34% of all thieves enter your living area directly through the front door. That is why it is highly required to install one of your surveillance cameras right there. In order to keep the burglar from knocking out your security camera, make certain to install the device at second-floor level. As an alternative, one may place it even in the house eves, and then train it directly on the front door. In case there is just one level in your living area, think about enclosing the front door camera in a special mesh wiring. This will let you protect the device from sticks, errant rocks or some other weapons.  

Experts recommend: The homeowner has an opportunity to place a high-tech peephole camera in order to have an opportunity to see who’s knocking the door.  

Back Door

The other 22% of thieves tend to enter the living areas through the back door. This means you are in need of a security device installed right there as well. Mind that all side doors count as back doors too, so you will need a camera there too. To keep your family completely safe – make sure to equip every door with a security camera. And once again, it’s highly crucial to install the camera out of the sight and out of the reach of the others, or to protect the device from sticks and rocks that may hurl at it.  

Experts recommend: Consider buying security camera that is both – equipped with the night vision option and weatherproof.  

Windows that Have no Direct View of the Street

Thieves usually make sure to enter a house through breaking the windows that cannon be seen from the street. By choosing the off-street window, the burglars simply get an opportunity to decrease their chance of being noticed and caught, and to effortlessly do the dirty stuff they came for. Make sure to train a security camera on every part of your living area with off-street windows.  

Experts recommend: The most recommended option in this case is to place a wireless security camera equipped with the remote control and that can be operated directly from the tablet or mobile phone.  

Side Gate & Backyard Area

Crooks simply adore a nice backyard for expensive garden machinery and, a bunch of kids’ toys and recreational equipment. It’s highly required to provide your yard with a high quality motion-sensor floodlights, as well as a night vision device in order to keep your belongings and home under protection. Is your backyard fenced in? Then make certain your security camera has the view of the entrance gate.  

Experts recommend: It is necessary to install the security camera in plain sight. Usually, just seeing the device is enough to make the thieves just pass by.  

Basement Stairs

A lot of basements are equipped with access doors/ hatches, or at least they have small windows that a human being can easily crawl through. Once you install a security camera on the stairs that lead up from the basement floor to the living area, you will be able to control the subterranean route.  

Experts recommend: When it’s time to secure your basement space, it’s required to install a motion sensor security camera equipped with a night vision option.