Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Atlas Store 9079C Dual Hepa Atlas Air Purifier

The Atlas Store’s 9079C Dual Hepa air purifier is a completely different type of air purifier. We will walk  you through how to optimally operate your Atlas 9079C Air Purifier as well as how to care for it.
Set up
Remove the air purifier unit and the remote control from the box and from any wrapping. Insert 2 AA batteries into the remote. Plug the 9079’s power cord into a power outlet and your state of the art air purifier is completely up and ready to go.
Wow! That was easy, but what settings are there?
Your air purifier has the option to use the timer function as well as the option to use the ozone. After you hit the ON/OFF button, you can opt to run it for a certain amount of time before ending. To do this, hit the TIMER button and shift between 1H to 8H. You have the added option to use the ozone mode by pressing the O3 button. Once you have selected the ozone mode, you can hit MODE to select between the machine releasing ozone at a high level or at a low level. Our Atlas 9079C Dual Hepa air purifier is designed to be easily used by anyone.
If getting the machine to run is so easy, is maintaining it just as easy?
Maintaining your air purifier is just as easy as everything else. The HEPA air filter must be washed every month. Make sure the machine is turned off before proceeding. On the side of your 9079, push down on the tab and the casing for the air filter will come off. Carefully remove the filter from the machine. Use a damp towel to wipe off anything on the air filter before returning the filter to the machine. Align the arrow on the filter with the machine to ensure the filter is correctly inserted. When the filter needs to be completely changed, the HEPA filter light will flash and you will need to replace it. Other than that, your air filter needs no other maintenance and will provide you with the freshest and cleanest air for years to come.
The Atlas Store’s 9079C Dual Hepa air purifier is one of the easiest air purifiers to set up, run, and maintain. 
If you have any further questions or need any further help, please do not hesitate to visit The Atlas Store or to give us a phone call at (888) 61 – ATLAS or (888) 612-8527.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Use and maintenance of Atlas Air purifier model Atlas 3500TC Commercial Ozone Generator

Today we will learn how to use and maintain the Atlas 3500TC ozone generator. The Atlas 3500TC is meant for commercial rather than personal use because it can be used for a much larger area and can remove much more potent odors.
How should it be used in my business?
It is crucial that you only run it at night after closing when no one is around because the Atlas 3500TC emits a massive amount of ozone in order to reduce all bad odors. To reduce chances of injury, place the unit on a flat surface before running. Your ozone generator has 3 built in programs. P1 runs for 10 minutes, P2 runs for 20 minutes, and P3 runs for 40 minutes. If you want to customize your own programs, hit the  SET button, choose P1, P2, or P3, then press the UP or DOWN key to increase or decrease the time for your program.  If you want to run it for a certain time, press the TIMER setting. Press the SET button to enter the time settings and press the UP or DOWN button to set how long you want your unit to run for.
Can I run it for more than 60 minutes?
When you turn the timer dial clockwise, you activate the timer for a max of 60 minutes for your own safety and protection. If you want it to run indefinitely, turn the knob counterclockwise to the HOLD position and your Atlas 3500TC will not stop by itself.
What should I do to maintain my Atlas 3500TC ozone generator?
To ensure your ozone generator runs at maximum capacity, you need to clean the ozone plates monthly. Pull the plates out from the back when the machine is completely turned off and wipe down the plates with a damp cloth. You can use a little bit of soap with the damp cloth to wipe down the plates. Make sure the plates are completely dry before inserting them back into the machine. We recommend that you replace the plates every 6 months to 2 years depending on how often you use your 3500TC. For optimal performance, replace them every year.

If you have any further questions or need any further help, please do not hesitate to visit TheAtlas Store or to give us a phone call at (888) 61 – ATLAS or (888) 612-8527.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Atlas Store 300A Atlas Air Purifier new Purchase

Congratulations on your purchase of The Atlas Store’s 300A Atlas air purifier! You have just taken the first step to enjoying the cleanest air possible for you and your household. There is no going back to the world of dirty air after this, so prepare yourselves. Today we will go through how to properly use your new purchase as well as any tips and tricks to keep it running optimally.
Setting up your 300A Atlas Air Purifier
When you first open up the packaging, you should have the air purifier unit itself, a bag containing the power cord, a small box containing the ozone plates, and an instructions manual. Take the air purifier out of the packaging and set it down near a power outlet. Remove the power cord from its packaging and plug it into the air purifier. Open up the box with the ozone plates and insert one ozone plate into each slot on the back of the air purifier unit. Finally, plug your air purifier into the outlet and you are done setting it up. It really is that easy.
Running your Air Purifier
We advise you to not use your air purifier while people are in the house because people have varying reactions to the effects of ozone. However, if you do decide to run it while people are home, run it on low first to gauge how you are affected by ozone. Running it on low is enough to purify your home or work space so do not worry about not being able to run it on a higher setting with people around. If you are too sensitive to it being run on low, run it with no oxygen and only the ionizer on when people are in the house. We recommend running your air purifier at low setting first even if there is no one home and adjusting based on those results.
Maintaining your Air Purifier
Regular maintenance of your air purifier is necessary to ensure optimal performance. Every month you need to clean the ozone plates. Make sure your Atlas 300A Air Purifier is turned off before slowly and carefully removing the two ozone plates from the back. Dampen a towel with water soap. Wring off any excessive water before wiping down the ozone plates. Be careful not to break any of the wires on the ozone plate. Completely dry off the ozone plates with another towel before inserting them back into the unit. We recommend replacing your ozone plates every 6 months to 2 years depending on how often you use your air purifier. If you run your air purifier often and at high settings, you will need to replace your ozone plates after 6 months. If you run it sparingly at low settings, your plates will be good for about 2 years.

If you have any further questions or need any further help, please do not hesitate to visit The Atlas Store or to give us a phone call at (888) 612 – 8527 or (888) 61- ATLAS.