Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Being Safe and not Getting a DUI

Each day, over 300,000 people drive drunk and under the influence of alcohol, however only 4,000 people are reportedly arrested and taken to jail. 4,000 people a day is still a large figure in terms of annual statistics, and the crime they commit is dangerous and life threatening. People die every day while driving their motorized vehicles while being under the influence, killing their friends and peers often times as well. Additionally, the ramifications that come with getting a DUI are painful to deal with and may haunt your professional career for future employment and your personal record. Driving under the influence should be prevented and prohibited to everyone so that we can ensure a safer driving environment for everyone on the road. Even those who aren’t drinking and driving are involved in drunken car driving accidents when hit by another oncoming drunk driver. It’s been an ongoing issue in this country, as well as places outside of this country; it’s an issue we all are trying to combat against.

There are alcohol awareness classes that help in promoting a safe driving atmosphere and not driving while consuming certain amounts of alcohol. You even have safe friends that won’t let you drive once they’ve seen you consumed some amount of alcohol. There are the innovative companies such as Uber and Lyft that will drive you around at any time of the day in locations that taxi’s usually won’t be found, so that you can drink and enjoy the night as well. However, even with all of these preventive services in today’s world, we still see the same number of people passing away in accidents and DUIs being handed out. What else can be done?

One simple aspect of the drunken driving prevention industry is using self breathalyzer. They’re easy and convenient to use as you can go out to enjoy the night while monitoring you alcohol consumption level safely and effectively. They give you a chance to enjoy the night and let you know when you’re “good to go” to drive. Sometimes, they can even prevent you from driving your car over the legal consumption limit, even when you think you’re OK to drive. It’s a very simple tool to use to prevent DUIs and accidents while driving under the influence, yet people bypass this product as they don’t know the full benefits it can actually provide them.

The Atlas Store sells some of the best personal itemed breathalyzers in today’s market. For example, the Alcohawk Slim Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer is a five star rated product, with an LED display screen that is simple and easy to use. It simply beeps when it’s ready to use, and beeps once it has tested your alcohol level consumed. It meets the DOT and NHSTA specifications and requirements as a breath alcohol screener. It’s great professional quality, and easy to store away into your pocket, purse, or car. Also check out the Alcohawk PT500 Breathalyzer Alcohol Tester Portable, one of Atlas’ more advance and powerful breathalyzers that comes with a one year warranty, and watch a tutorial on how it works! Atlas sells a variety of products from air purifiers, to water purifiers, to walky-talkies, to metal detectors, to camera bags, and a lot more! Check out their website for great quality products.