Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Recommendations for Buying a Waterproof Security Camera

The main reason why a lot of homeowners give preference to the weatherproof security cameras is that they can withstand snow, rain, sleet and other weather quirks. This feature is a must for the individuals, who are looking for the device that will function all year round. But before you put up, make sure to conduct some thorough research in order to know the difference between weatherproof and waterproof cameras.

Even though some of your may have already used these terms interchangeably, mind that weatherproof security cameras shouldn’t be immersed in water. By learning more about the different options that weatherproof cameras are designed with and how one can use them efficiently, you will be100% sure you have got a great value for the money you’ve spent.  

What to Search for in a Weatherproof Security Camera

The number one reason why so many people tend to choose weatherproof security cameras is the fact that the devices can withstand humidity, high or low temperature, high falls, shocks and so on. The items are housed in waterproof all-weather casings and used to record security footage come hell or high water. Moreover, they are solidly protected from any kind of destruction caused by condensation, dampness or wind.

When shopping for a weatherproof security camera, one should consider a range of factors, such as the ease of installation / operation, the image quality and the item’s price.  

The Quality of Image

Getting a high quality surveillance video is a must. However, it’s easier said than done. Make sure to consider several factors that will determine the quality of image before you buy the product. Some of these are related to the light conditions, the security camera resolution, as well as the potential restrictions in camera set up.

The resolution is one of the crucial factors that influence the quality of the image. Make sure to pick the security cameras with the high resolution of 5 MP or low resolution that is of 0,8 MP.  

Night Vision Weatherproof Security Cameras

Outdoor night vision security cameras are less effective than the items used in the house. However, you can purchase this device in case you need to monitor some of the dark parts of your outdoor living area. As a general rule, the night vision illumination is activated by the series of the LED-type diodes. The efficiency of the items usually depends on where the homeowner would like to set up the security camera.  

Wireless or Wired Security Cameras?

Wireless waterproof security camera is more popular than the wired device since the process of its installation is easier. What is more, there is no need to wire the camera to a router. It means they’re not difficult to operate. You do not need to buy any wires since connecting a wireless camera to the PC to watch the video is uncomplicated.  

IR Weatherproof Security Cameras

If you’re on the lookout for a security camera that can detect movement or metal objects in this or that environment, search for the IR security camera. These items are especially popular in the business / offices environments, but they serve well in the residential buildings as well.  

Motion Detection

A lot of weatherproof security cameras are equipped with the motion detection features. The latter means that the recording process gets started only when the device detects movement. The option is a must for the homeowners, who need to save some space on the server in the process of recording footage from the camera. As for the disadvantages of using the outdoor surveillance camera motion sensors, it is important to mention that these sensors are typically sensitive to the wind flows. This may cause a range of needless recordings.  

Weatherproof Security Cameras Types

Are you about to shop for a weatherproof security camera? Make sure to select from a huge assortment of the available models. Your decision should be based exclusively on the needs and requirements of your family. Moreover, it is necessary to take into consideration both – the features of the security cameras and the type of the area you would like to monitor.

Check out the following illustration of the options you will be provided with when choosing the weatherproof security camera:

 - Bullet Security Cameras

The device is perfect for the small areas. In addition to the reduced dimensions, the security camera has no wide-angle lenses.

- Low Light Cameras

Low light cameras are the best choice for the environments with the low light. The user is free to choose the product that is either black and white, or color.

 - Dome Cameras

Although these cameras are ideal for the room ceilings, they can be used outdoors as well. The models available within the market are an excellent choice for the 360ยบ views of the room. Besides, the device can be used in garages.

 - Pan / Tilt / Zoom (PTZ) Cameras

Looking for a security camera for a particularly large area? PTZ cameras have good angles, as well as high level of detail provided by the pan / tilt / zoom features.