Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Buying a Security Camera: Guidance for Beginners

  Remember the moments, when you heard things go bump in the middle of the night? You would give a lot to find out what they were without opening the door, wouldn’t you? Even if you haven’t heard about any crimes in your area, you definitely read about some on the web. To be safe and have a goodnight sleep, it’s better to choose a security camera.

Once you dive into the world of internet to search for some good models of security cameras, you will most likely be surprised by the fact that every security camera can be hacked. It’s a fine idea to monitor your surroundings, but keep in mind that there is a possibility that a regular hacker may avail of an opportunity to peep into what your cameras see. Make sure to read this entire article to get an idea of how to select and install a quality and reliable security camera system.

Security Camera Doesn’t Bring Complete Secure

The majority of security cameras' models aren’t built with consideration of the computer security. Moreover, most products and their software are easy to hack and thus, they invitingly open the door into your physical life.  

Just Google It

Google up the security system you would like to choose. You’d be surprised by the information you find. The thing is that most devices run on non-default ports that the hackers are perfectly aware of. It enables them to scan the web, search for those ports in order to find security cameras and then play their favourite games while exploiting your devices.  

Change the Access Password

Don’t forget to change the password required to access or operate your security cameras. The models that are being used with the default password are the easiest targets to hack. Moreover, there’s a bunch of web sites, where the intruders-to-be can get detailed instructions on how to access security cameras using default passwords.  

Management Console Must Use Encrypted Connection

Once you approach security cameras provider, make certain to ask him if the device you give your preference to supports TLS-enabled or any other type of secure connection methods. It doesn’t? It’s time to search for the other brand.  

Video Clarity Is a Must

A lot of low-end cameras’ models accurately capture the picture up to the distances of 10-20 feet. However, they fail to work great at distances that are beyond 40 feet. To see the difference, mind that most of the high-end security cameras accurately capture people that are at 75-100 feet (HD). Of course, high video quality will cost you, but when a policeman asks you about the camera pictures, there’s a simple rule – the clearer, the better.  

Features to Search for

It’s not a secret that the higher the price, the better the quality and the wider the range of the features will be. Among the higher-end features, the night vision should be your priority since crimes tend to play their dirty tricks at night. Motion detection is also a great advantage, but ensure you have an opportunity to narrow the scan range and regulate the sensitivity. Choose the cameras with an option to send a text message to your mobile phone in case any motion is detected. There should also be an option to save the videos and externally cut the pictures. Mind that the ability to play back videos at high speed will provide you and law enforcement representatives with a chance to find out exactly what has happened.  

Security Cameras Installation 

It’s not necessarily to be a security specialist, but in case with multiple security cameras, you would better install cameras at every ingress point, like gate, front door, etc.

 Price Does Not Determine the Lag Severity

Every model of a device has a certain delay versus real time, and no matter how high the price or the quality of the camera is, it doesn’t determine the lag time. Most expensive cameras’ lag is between 5 and 10 seconds. The user has an opportunity to walk directly into the video field and get back to the PC and see oneself on the screen.

The matter of lag time can be quite tricky, especially when paired with the motion detection. The majority of the products would typically send the alerts of motion detection directly to the homeowner, while the images that these messages include, usually don’t show the cause of alert.  

Use Wired Security Cameras If Possible

The sad fact is that the wireless security cameras typically fail to meet the published maximum wireless distances. As a rule, it turns out to be less than half of what the products specifications stated regarding the length. Moreover, even working with the wireless cameras, you will be in need of power connections.  

Wireless Cameras Can Turn Your Home Wireless Internet Down

Some of the homeowners say that once the wireless security cameras are on, their internet access get plummeted from 100 Mbps to 0.40 Mbps. The very moment it happens, the wireless cameras run on the same frequency – 2.4 GHz, just like many wireless web connections. Some of the users report that they had to purchase new home internet access point and replace all internet devices that stuck at the point of 2.4GHz.

 “Outdoor” Cameras Are Not Waterproof

Most of the “weather resistant” security cameras get ruined even by moderate rain. The homeowner will either be in need of a camera that is explicitly waterproof, or provide some solid protection for the cameras installed outdoors.  

Dynamic DNS Access is a Must Have

Unless you can boast of having a static IP address at home, you will have to subscribe to the dynamic DNS services, as well as to arrange Internet routers to provide you with the notifications regarding any changes in IP address. What is more, you, as a homeowner, will have to also configure all the routers in order to advertise remote access ports of your security camera to make that feature work.  

Acceptable Technical Support

To cut the story, almost all security cameras are attached with a good quality technical support. The latter is typically delivered via email of the web site. With security cameras installed in your home, you will most likely feel more secure. However, the matter with the security cameras is like a double-edged sword – it’s a great temptation for the intruders to invade your privacy.