Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Security Cameras: Most Common Types

Security installations are getting more and more popular among the homeowners. While the majority of users believe it’s the more expensive the better, the truth is it’s highly important to choose the proper security camera for a particular application. Make sure to use the following guidance in order to find out what type of device and what key features are required for your particular living area.

In addition to this list, there’s a bunch of other names that security cameras tend to go by. However, the majority of those are more related to the application that the item will be used in versus the type of the unit. As for the other references, they speak to various housings, like weatherproof, tamper-proof and so on.  

Bullet Security Camera

This type of security cameras represents a ceiling-mounted or a wall-mount item that is usually designed to be used indoors. At the same time, it can also be fill some applications for an outdoor use. The name of the item comes from its sleek that has a cylindrical thin shape. Nowadays, a lot of manufacturers offer security cameras models that are waterproof. Typically the device is not designed to have zoom / tilt / pan control. However, there is an option to capture images from a particular area.

Dome Cameras

These devices get their name from the so-called dome-shaped housing, where they actually sit. The housings are designed in order to make security items unobtrusive, but not hidden. Classic applications are retail, where security camera is produced to be unobtrusive, but at the same time – visible.

The products are used for a dual purpose. First of all, intruders will be aware of the fact that the area is being watched, while second, the patrons will be relaxed knowing the house is under solid protection. There are also special “speed domes” that are the units used to provide the device with an opportunity to spin quickly within the protected area.  

Desktop / Covert / Desktop

These cameras are recommended to be used for Skype or any other teleconference applications with low resolution.  

Night / Infrared Vision

These devices can see images in pitch black conditions using infrared LEDs. Sometimes the night-vision cameras are for mobile applications.  

Outdoor Cameras

The key to the outdoor security cameras is the housing as it is. Mind that it must be impenetrable to dust, moisture, insects, etc.  

Night / Day

Night / day security cameras can capture images due to the fact that they compensate for varying light conditions. The items are usually common for the outdoor applications, where the camera is typically positioned for an outdoor parking lot, for instance. More often than not, these items are dubbed as having a dynamic range to work perfectly in direct sunlight, strong backlight and reflections round the clock.

Varifocal Security Cameras:

An item equipped with varifocal lens provides the operator with a chance to zoom in / out while still focusing on the image.  

IP / Network

These cameras are available in both – wireless and hardwired forms. They are designed to transmit images over the web, usually compressing the bandwidth in order not to overwhelm the internet. The IP cameras are easy-to-install since they don’t need a power boost or a separate cable run in order to send images over a long distance.  


 It’s important to remember than not every model of wireless camera is IP-based. Some of the devices are known for using alternative modes of wireless transmission. However, regardless the transmission method, the number one advantage of these items is still the same: easy installation process and excellent flexibility.  

Speed / PTZ Domes

Zoom / tilt / pan cameras provide an opportunity to move the device right or left (that’s what they call “pan”); zoom the lens farther or closer, as well as more the camera up and down (name it “tilt”). These are the situations, when an actual guarding specialist is monitoring the images. There are also security cameras equipped with automated tilt / pan / zoom options that let the device move on a timed basis.  

HD Cameras

Typically, ultra HD security cameras are relegated to the niche markets like casinos. These items provide the user with a chance to zoom in with excellent clarity in order to take a closer look at poker players. Besides, these devices can also transmit the images by means of high dimension cctv.