Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Selfie Sticks: Meet the Most Popular Items!

Taking into account how popular the selfie sticks are nowadays, we have made an attempt to describe the best models available nowadays within the market. Consider the brief overview of the products on offer in our online shop in case you are not 100% sure what device is the right one to pick.

Bluetooth Selfie Stick

One of the most popular selfie sticks available nowadays. This top-of-the-line version of the selfie stick is equipped with all the features that are a must for the selfies that one can do effortlessly. There’s a special built-in button that gives the user an opportunity to sync to the smartphone and make stunning pics.

  • Built-in Bluetooth that is pretty awesome mainly because it is integrated into the stick. It means you will never leave it behind.
  • The battery that one can re-charge is the 100% guarantee that you won’t get frustrated anymore with the necessity to constantly purchase batteries. Mind that the battery is charged via USB and its standby time reaches 100 hours.
  • Silicon phone clip is the other benefit of the device since it helps one to prevent scratches from occurring on the device.
  Potential disadvantages:
  • Non-water-resistant device: taking into account the fact there are electronics placed inside the handle, the user won’t have an opportunity to get in contact with water.

Wired Selfie Stick

The wired device is easy and quick to use. Just make sure to put the telephone in the folder, simply plug the cable n the device and enjoy your photos. Advantageous:
  • The slim design of the product, as well as the holding clipprovides the user with an opportunity to slip it directly into the pocket. There’s no better travel companion!
  • Wired button is the other advantage of the kind of selfie stick. In case you happen to be not really savvy with your phone and syncing to Bluetooth seems to be too frustrating for you, this selfie stick is just what the doctor ordered.
  • The fact that you do not need a battery for this selfie stick means you will never face with any down time. The tech relies on the headphone jack (3.5 mm).
  • As for the silicon phone clip, it is provided to help the userto keep his smartphone from all sorts of scratches.
  • The other great option is the so-called GoPro compatibility. Ensure to compliment this with the related attachment and voila – you’ve got a multiple purpose selfie stick!
Potential disadvantages:
  • There’s a cable. Is there anybody there, who likes cables? Not really.
  Selfie Stick Paired with Bluetooth Remote

The device that is combined with the Bluetooth Remote provides the user with an opportunity to avail of the ultimate flexibility to take the best selfies. Advantages:
  • The device is water resistant. If your phone is water resistant as well, you will have an amazing time while splashing in the water.
  • As for the Bluetooth button, it is a great option for those, who is fed upwith fiddlingwith the timeshot.
  • The GoPro attachment can be used with the smartphone as well.

Potentials disadvantages:

  • Coin battery…Let’s face it, you won’t find anyone, who likes the idea of the coin buttons. Even thoughthey’re available almost at all stores, it’s better to givepreference to the rechargeableselfiestick.
  • The user should be careful in order not to lose the remote since it’s pretty small.