Friday, June 29, 2018

The importance of a camera backpack

Why do I need a camera backpack?

A camera backpack is an absolute necessity for all photographers. A photographer carries with him equipment worth thousands of dollars. One little accident is all it takes to jeopardize the equipment. You need a way to carry all your gear around for photo shoot safely and that is with a camera backpack. A camera backpack is a specially designed bag meant to safely hold your laptop, camera, and lenses. It usually has various padded sections inside the bag so the equipment does not get damaged.

What kind of camera backpack should I get?

You will need one that can safely protect all your photography equipment while also being convenient and comfortable. The perfect photography backpack needs to have a padded interior with numerous adjustable dividers to ensure it carries all your equipment. Another important feature is comfort. The bag needs to be comfortable enough while carrying equipment because you will constantly be using it so the padding and design must be perfect.

The Atlas Professional Two-Column Trolley Camera Backpack is everything a photographer needs. It’s sleek, modern, comfortable, and has all the dividers inside to safely carry all your equipment whenever you need it. We are also offering an enormous discount on our professional camera bags!

Make sure you don’t miss out on an affordable professional camera backpack. Click HERE to visit the Atlas store to buy your very own camera bag or if you have any further questions.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Why ‘Alkaline Counter Top Water Ionizer Purifier Two 9-Level Filters’ is the next best thing?

This new water purifier is the best fit to cater your kitchen needs. It can provide water at different pH levels for different uses along with the normal drinking water through a separate tap. Its compact size and light weight body makes it easier to be fitted on counter top. Water filter is like a one-time investment that will provide clean water at a lower cost than bottled water. Drinking clean and filtered water protects the body from various diseases and leads to overall greater health. The human body is nearly 3/4th water that actually implies its importance. This water filter not only filters bacteria but also provides healthiest water just in one touch.
This specially designed filter can provide high quality acidic and alkaline water for different uses around the house. Best for a family with kids and elderly, it comes at a promising price that is not a big amount to pay when you are getting this kind of exceptional product. Due to the increasing water pollution, wise choice to guarantee safe water has become necessary.
This product of Atlas comes with a two year warranty, and it provides safety for the hard earned money you spend. The high quality and durable construction is deemed to impress the buyers. In comparison with any other water filter, this filter has low maintenance cost and low electricity consumption, which further saves money. The use of home water purifiers also favor to the environment as bringing home water purifiers reduce the use plastic bottles, which adds up to the non-degradable waste.

The alkaline filter, in addition will help in cleansing organs and preventing waste build up in the body. For the fitness freak inside you, this is the best investment to ensure its sustainability.

Why is ‘VHF Programmable Atlas Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie’ the best buy?

Atlas brings you the two way walkie talkie to suit your business and personal needs. It takes care of your requirement to save space and have portable accessories for two way communication. This walkie talkie is easily programmable so if you are someone who dreads the hassles with technology, so this is something specifically designed for you.
It has a system of low battery and low power warning, aiding you in your busy life when you even forget to charge your phones and portable devices. To comply with your business needs, the walkie talkie has an automatic power saving setup. It will assist you throughout your day. This device can be used to stay in touch with a large number of employees, be it the security guard or the receptionist.
It is understandable that in a business setting, where we need fast communication without interruption, our business phones are not very compatible to form an intranet within an organization. You get a lot of calls during the day and may find it inconvenient when sending an important message and keep on receiving calls/messages meanwhile. This walkie talkie will help you get rid of this problem and the two ways communication process will make sure that the message is received, understood and acted upon. It will aid in ensuring efficiency among the employees who know that they are being monitored pertaining to the Hawthorne effect.

It comes with a six month warranty to satisfy your cautious self. Be confident in buying this product, for what we are advocating are not just vague words but commitment. Many startups fail due to communication problems. Don’t be one of those. To become the business leader of tomorrow, invest wisely today!

This ultrasonic aroma diffuser is legitimately a need!!!

In our stressful lives, we all need something to relax. People have different ways to relax for example some choose do cooking others opt for painting. In simple words, every individual has their own preferences. But, let us tell you there is another way you can relax at home. The ultrasonic aroma diffuser by Atlas will definitely change the way you relax. It comes with the option of adding your favorite essential oils to give you a soothing experience. The bamboo base gives you a feeling of being in a natural setting, away from the big city buzzing. It does not only help you keep your mind calm but also moisturizes your skin.
It comes with the option of eight different colored LED lights, of which you can choose to keep any or all the lights off, whichever help you relax the best. This is a two in one aroma diffuser and humidifier. It can operate up to three to four hours continuously, creating the perfect environment for a power nap. This lightweight device is fit to be kept in your room and the easily changeable disc extends the longevity of the diffuser.
This product comes with a one year warranty and has a life of 3000 hours. The device automatically shuts off when the water runs out, making it safe to use. It covers an area of 250 square feet and is helpful to make everyone – from toddlers to elderly – relax.

This single device can help you drive away the stress you have as a person responsible for household chores, working person or as a parent. It is prudent to invest in yourself, to cherish yourself and for the sake of self-love. So order away on the amazing price which the Atlas website offers. Why spending much in the therapy sessions when you can have an effective therapy at home. So fellas, what are you waiting for? Order now and enjoy the amazing benefits of the ultrasonic aroma diffuser

Why is the NTSC Night Vision Wireless Weatherproof Security CCTV Camera worth buying?

Are you someone who lives away from home and is constantly worried for your family’s security? Do you fear about someone intruding in your house? Need a way to deal with it? Atlas brings you the NTSC Night VisionSecurity CCTV Camera. This camera is small sized, fit for your basic need to cover the entrance, terrace and other areas of your house that require a watch from intruders.
Not only will this help in safety against intruders but will help you to keep a watch over your kids, for their safety. It can be placed anywhere due to its size and provides the best picture quality during both, day and night time. Also there will be no issue in monitoring what your CCTV Camera records. This is due to the camera being tech-friendly. You can view the recordings on your portable devices like laptops and tablets and also you can keep a watch through your television. Its quality of being weather proof makes it compatible to function 24/7. The wireless feature makes it hassle-free and install able with ease.

Want a security system not only for your home but also for your office? Well, for the distinct qualities this camera has, it will be the best fit for your startup. These cameras come in economic prices that will keep your business and home budgets balanced and would not constitute a greater chunk of your administrative costs. So what are you waiting for? To fulfill the needs of the responsible parent and deemed to be successful entrepreneur inside you, order away and make the wise decision today. With the audio and video results this product has, it is a way to go investment.

Why you need Atlas Heavy Duty Air Cleaner in your home?

The global atmosphere is getting polluted by each passing day and when it comes to the respiratory problems, one cannot take risk about their lungs. Air cleaners are trending these days and with the surge in air pollution, these cleaners are becoming one of the most sought after home appliances.
The question is – how to find the best air cleaner and the answer is simple, a cleaner that is feature-rich and boasts durability is the one to be bought. While various air cleaners are available in the market and every brand claims to be the number one, here is a popular brand that is affordable and efficient at the same time – the Atlas Heavy Duty Air Cleaner.
Apart from its smart-space body that doesn’t take a lot of space in your room, it includes a four staged filter assembly. The filtering wall includes activated carbon filter, VOC filter, HEPA filter and TiO2. The Atlas air cleaner is built with cutting edge environmental technology that removes harmful particles, odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
This air purifying unit works best in rooms up to 465 square feet. The filters included in the Atlas Air Cleaner are tailor-made for specific purposes.
The Atlas Heavy Duty Air Cleaner boasts four level fan speed, a timer that can be set in between 1 to 8 hours, a remote control that lets you control the unit easily and additional casters for convenient portability.
Along with the aforementioned features of the Atlas Heavy Duty Air Cleaner, below are some of the value added features:

- 4 fan speeds (Low, Medium, High and Turbo)
- Filter replacement indicator
- Convenient filter access for easy replacement
- On & OFF timers: 1 to 8 hours
- Casters for portability
- Remote control
- ARB certified (this air cleaner complies with the federal ozone emissions limit)

Why you should buy a 70 pint Electrical and Digital Electronic Dehumidifier?

Comfort and hygiene are the two factors one considers most important in life. After coming back home from a hectic day, who prefers to bear the unhygienic and uncomfortable atmosphere of rotten windows, itchy skin, damp air and what not? Obviously, no one! Technology has revolutionized the way we live, and today you are standing where you are just a few dollars away from getting rid of all the ridiculous and uncomfortable feelings of excessive moisture from your home. The 70 pint Electrical and Digital ElectronicDehumidifier can be your ultimate companion to rescue you from excess moisture.
Excess moisture is not the only case, but if you are the one suffering through various allergies, dust mite, or any other medical condition, 70 pint Electrical and Digital Electronic Dehumidifier can be best to protect you and your home from such conditions.
70 pint Electrical and Digital Electronic Dehumidifier is not just an ordinary dehumidifier; rather it holds various benefits that mark some extra points for it on the list.  Following are some pros that one must consider before adding one to the cart for maximum satisfaction.

Humidity level can be set as low as 35% with custom settings
It has an auto-shut-off option
It consumes comparatively low power i.e. 710W / 6.7A
It is less noisy
It is UL approved
It has a rotatory compressor
It possess a sufficient water tank capacity of 10L
It comes with a dual fan setting

Apart from off-track benefits of this dehumidifier, the product holds other usual features as well. It includes full bucket indicator, memory IC (restart function), air filter (washable), bucket with handle (removable), drain hose connection option, casters, soft touch electronic control panel, temperature range (41 ~ 95ºF and 25% RH or above), etc.

Last but not the least, another good-to-note benefit of this dehumidifier is its weight. It only weighs 45/50 lbs. that is convenient enough to be moved anywhere at your desired location.

Why is the ‘Indoor Infrared Heater With Remote Control and Quartz Emitters’ a must have for your house?

The new Atlas Infrared Heaters come in various attractive designs, which are a best fit for your living room. Specifically designed to complement the spacious interiors of your living room, infrared heaters are portable and eliminate the risk of ignition. In a cold weather, when heater is a need, it is important to have a brand that promises 100% safety for kids and pets and Atlas is one of them.
It comes with a remote control allowing you to control the temperature while watching a movie with your family and can heat up to 1000 square feet of area. The best feature of this heater is that it comes with a washable filter so you would not have to replace the entire heater. The electronic display makes it user friendly. This heater comes with a high quality exterior at an affordable price to provide a classy look to your home. The six quartz emitters aid in optimum performance.
This heater is compatible for different weather conditions, be it cold, wet or rainy. The wooden work allows it to be defined as a piece of furniture and not just an appliance. It has a timer system that lets you manage the timings of turning it on or off. Equipped with the safety system to control temperature, you don’t need to worry when your child is alone at home. This heater complies with the needs of an entire family, or a child or even an elderly living alone.

Nobody wants to pay for something that isn’t worth it, so invest in a wise option. This heater comes with a two year warranty, so don’t worry about making a wrong decision and order away.