Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Atlas Store Metal Detector

Have you ever wanted to find treasure buried in the sea or underground just like they do in the movies? The Atlas Store’s metal detector can help launch you on your very own treasure hunt! Today we will go over how to set it up for your treasure hunts.
How do I assemble it?
When you first receive your metal detector, there is some assembly required, but no tools are needed. First you have to connect the search coil with the lower stem, which is made of black fiberglass. Make sure you tighten the bolt when you connect it. Slide the lower stem into the upper stem and adjust it to a comfortable length. When you are standing up with your arms to the side, the search coil should be level with the ground. Tighten the lower stem by rotating counter clockwise. Wind the search coil cable around the stem that you just assembled and insert the search coil’s plug into the search coil’s jack. Be careful not to over tighten the search coil. We have mostly finished assembling the metal detector and just need to assemble the arm support. We do this by pressing the silver button on the upper end of the stem and inserting the aluminum end of the support into it.  Our metal detector is all assembled and we just need to insert two batteries into the battery compartment.
How do I use it?
When you first turn on your metal detector, you can choose between 4 modes, DISC, ALL METAL, NOTCH, AUTO-NOTCH. DISC, NOTCH, and AUTO-NOTCH are all motion modes where the coil must be in continuous motion or there will be nothing found. DISC mode allows you to eliminate unwanted objects from detection among the categories on top of the panel from left to right. NOTCH mode lets you selectively eliminate one or several metals from the categories. AUTO-NOTCH automatically eliminates trash metals and only detects coins and other precious metals. The ALL METAL mode is only for when the metal detector is not in motion. It emits a sound that gets stronger when the signal is stronger.
I know how these modes work, I want to change the settings to better suit my needs, how do I do that?
You can change the settings in the DISC, NOTCH, and AUTO-NOTCH modes but not in the ALL METAL mode. To change the sensitivity in any of these 3 modes, hit the ADJ button and make sure the LCD screen displays SENS at the bottom right corner. Simply press the “+” button or the “-“ button to increase or decrease sensitivity.

For more information on our metal detectors or for further assistance, click here and come visit The Atlas Store.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Atlas Store 9079C Dual Hepa Atlas Air Purifier

The Atlas Store’s 9079C Dual Hepa air purifier is a completely different type of air purifier. We will walk  you through how to optimally operate your Atlas 9079C Air Purifier as well as how to care for it.
Set up
Remove the air purifier unit and the remote control from the box and from any wrapping. Insert 2 AA batteries into the remote. Plug the 9079’s power cord into a power outlet and your state of the art air purifier is completely up and ready to go.
Wow! That was easy, but what settings are there?
Your air purifier has the option to use the timer function as well as the option to use the ozone. After you hit the ON/OFF button, you can opt to run it for a certain amount of time before ending. To do this, hit the TIMER button and shift between 1H to 8H. You have the added option to use the ozone mode by pressing the O3 button. Once you have selected the ozone mode, you can hit MODE to select between the machine releasing ozone at a high level or at a low level. Our Atlas 9079C Dual Hepa air purifier is designed to be easily used by anyone.
If getting the machine to run is so easy, is maintaining it just as easy?
Maintaining your air purifier is just as easy as everything else. The HEPA air filter must be washed every month. Make sure the machine is turned off before proceeding. On the side of your 9079, push down on the tab and the casing for the air filter will come off. Carefully remove the filter from the machine. Use a damp towel to wipe off anything on the air filter before returning the filter to the machine. Align the arrow on the filter with the machine to ensure the filter is correctly inserted. When the filter needs to be completely changed, the HEPA filter light will flash and you will need to replace it. Other than that, your air filter needs no other maintenance and will provide you with the freshest and cleanest air for years to come.
The Atlas Store’s 9079C Dual Hepa air purifier is one of the easiest air purifiers to set up, run, and maintain. 
If you have any further questions or need any further help, please do not hesitate to visit The Atlas Store or to give us a phone call at (888) 61 – ATLAS or (888) 612-8527.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Use and maintenance of Atlas Air purifier model Atlas 3500TC Commercial Ozone Generator

Today we will learn how to use and maintain the Atlas 3500TC ozone generator. The Atlas 3500TC is meant for commercial rather than personal use because it can be used for a much larger area and can remove much more potent odors.
How should it be used in my business?
It is crucial that you only run it at night after closing when no one is around because the Atlas 3500TC emits a massive amount of ozone in order to reduce all bad odors. To reduce chances of injury, place the unit on a flat surface before running. Your ozone generator has 3 built in programs. P1 runs for 10 minutes, P2 runs for 20 minutes, and P3 runs for 40 minutes. If you want to customize your own programs, hit the  SET button, choose P1, P2, or P3, then press the UP or DOWN key to increase or decrease the time for your program.  If you want to run it for a certain time, press the TIMER setting. Press the SET button to enter the time settings and press the UP or DOWN button to set how long you want your unit to run for.
Can I run it for more than 60 minutes?
When you turn the timer dial clockwise, you activate the timer for a max of 60 minutes for your own safety and protection. If you want it to run indefinitely, turn the knob counterclockwise to the HOLD position and your Atlas 3500TC will not stop by itself.
What should I do to maintain my Atlas 3500TC ozone generator?
To ensure your ozone generator runs at maximum capacity, you need to clean the ozone plates monthly. Pull the plates out from the back when the machine is completely turned off and wipe down the plates with a damp cloth. You can use a little bit of soap with the damp cloth to wipe down the plates. Make sure the plates are completely dry before inserting them back into the machine. We recommend that you replace the plates every 6 months to 2 years depending on how often you use your 3500TC. For optimal performance, replace them every year.

If you have any further questions or need any further help, please do not hesitate to visit TheAtlas Store or to give us a phone call at (888) 61 – ATLAS or (888) 612-8527.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Atlas Store 300A Atlas Air Purifier new Purchase

Congratulations on your purchase of The Atlas Store’s 300A Atlas air purifier! You have just taken the first step to enjoying the cleanest air possible for you and your household. There is no going back to the world of dirty air after this, so prepare yourselves. Today we will go through how to properly use your new purchase as well as any tips and tricks to keep it running optimally.
Setting up your 300A Atlas Air Purifier
When you first open up the packaging, you should have the air purifier unit itself, a bag containing the power cord, a small box containing the ozone plates, and an instructions manual. Take the air purifier out of the packaging and set it down near a power outlet. Remove the power cord from its packaging and plug it into the air purifier. Open up the box with the ozone plates and insert one ozone plate into each slot on the back of the air purifier unit. Finally, plug your air purifier into the outlet and you are done setting it up. It really is that easy.
Running your Air Purifier
We advise you to not use your air purifier while people are in the house because people have varying reactions to the effects of ozone. However, if you do decide to run it while people are home, run it on low first to gauge how you are affected by ozone. Running it on low is enough to purify your home or work space so do not worry about not being able to run it on a higher setting with people around. If you are too sensitive to it being run on low, run it with no oxygen and only the ionizer on when people are in the house. We recommend running your air purifier at low setting first even if there is no one home and adjusting based on those results.
Maintaining your Air Purifier
Regular maintenance of your air purifier is necessary to ensure optimal performance. Every month you need to clean the ozone plates. Make sure your Atlas 300A Air Purifier is turned off before slowly and carefully removing the two ozone plates from the back. Dampen a towel with water soap. Wring off any excessive water before wiping down the ozone plates. Be careful not to break any of the wires on the ozone plate. Completely dry off the ozone plates with another towel before inserting them back into the unit. We recommend replacing your ozone plates every 6 months to 2 years depending on how often you use your air purifier. If you run your air purifier often and at high settings, you will need to replace your ozone plates after 6 months. If you run it sparingly at low settings, your plates will be good for about 2 years.

If you have any further questions or need any further help, please do not hesitate to visit The Atlas Store or to give us a phone call at (888) 612 – 8527 or (888) 61- ATLAS.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Atlas Professional One Column Trolley Wheeled laptop Backpack

So far we have discussed a professional backpack for cameras and all photo equipment, a professional bag for carrying just a camera, and now we will figure out a backpack to carry heavy photographic equipment.
What do we need to carry heavy photographic equipment?
When you must carry around a lot of heavy equipment, we need to find something that can be transported without being carried on your back. Even though Atlas’ professional backpack can be used for carrying heavy photographic equipment, it is better to have a different bag that can be rolled to relieve stress on your back. A roller bag is perfect because it reduces the strain on your shoulders from having to support the backpack. Instead, you just have to pull it along with you when you need to transport anything.

I know Atlas always has high quality bags; do you guys have a roller bag?
The Atlas store carries a professional one column trolley camera and laptop bag featuring a deluxe spring-loaded trolley system. It is a versatile bag that converts into a backpack that can be worn on your back if you do not want to pull it as a trolley. Our bag is made from resistant polyester fabric that will ensure the safety of all your equipment. Similar to the other Atlas bags, this bag also utilizes foam padded multi-compartments and adjustable dividers to properly secure and protect all equipment. Atlas’ trolley bag has built in premium wheels that will not break down.
Give Atlas’ Professional Trolley Wheeled Laptop and Camera Backpack a try!
If you have been following our other posts, you know how important it is to have a bag to carry your equipment. If you have not purchased one yet, we highly recommend you try this one out. Just click the link below and you will be directed to the Atlas store page to purchase your very own professional trolley wheeled laptop and camera bag.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Atlas Photo SLR Camera Bag

Last time we discussed the necessity of having a professional backpack to carry all your photography equipment. Today we will talk about situations where you do not need a large backpack to carry everything. There will be times when you only want to bring your camera with you.
I already have the professional backpack, why don’t I just use that one?
You definitely can use that one if you want to and it is great for carrying cameras and camera equipment. But sometimes you might want something more compact and easier to carry. You need a smaller bag designed specifically for holding a camera and one or two accessories rather than a larger backpack made to carry everything.
In that case, what should I do!
You can find a more compact bag meant to snugly hold just your camera. It should be pretty similar to the Atlas professional all purpose backpack we discussed earlier. Your camera backpack should have a padded interior made of lightweight material. The more compact camera backpack should basically be a small-scale version of the Atlas all purpose backpack that you have seen in an earlier post.
I love my professional all purpose backpack, do you guys carry a smaller version for just my camera?
Luckily, we do carry a compact DSLR camera bag at the Atlas store. Our professional camera bag has foam padded components adjustable to your own specifications. It offers an adjustable and padded shoulder strap for comfort and easy transport. Even though it is more compact than any of our other bags, it is created with the same material as all our other bags and is just as strong and durable.
If you liked Atlas’ Professional Photo Laptop Backpack, give Atlas’ Professional Camera bag a try!

Just click the link below and you will be directed to the Atlas store page to purchase your very own professional camera bag:

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Atlas Alkaline Water Ionizer Purifier with Two 9-Level Filters

You can drink the healthiest water with one touch operation! (Counter top).

This Alkaline Water Ionizer creates high quality Alkaline and acidic water to enhance and sustain one’s health and for a variety of in-home uses. One might wonder, what makes alkaline so special? Where is the magic? Well, if you didn’t know, alkaline water has a higher pH level than plain tap water has, hence it can neutralize acid in your bloodstream. This derives great consequences as your metabolism increases and your body is able to absorb the nutrients more in which you take in. It’s even said that the special alkaline water can help prevent diseases and even slows down aging with its antioxidant properties that help control free radicals. Some other studies suggest that alkaline water can help slow down the process of bone decay. Alkaline water also cleanses the organs and prevents illnesses from bacteria build-up. It’s really true what they say, “you are what you eat!” It’s important that we drink and consume clean and bacteria free foods and water, as it can lead to a longer healthy life.
Since alkaline water is able to produce water at pH levels ranging from basic all the way to high acidic, it can be used to neutralize acid content in the body, as well as disinfect vegetables and washing the dishes. This particular unit is a freestanding model which is set to perform its functions with little installation work. In case you are wondering, you can still use a separate tap for regular water if desired. This special alkaline water can create the most pure alkaline and acidic water to benefit your health or for a variety of home uses. The ionizer has specific settings which make it fairly easy to navigate (such as selecting which type of water you desire; it even produces and makes high quality filtered water if desired). The machine comes with two complimentary durable washable filters complete with 9 levels of filtration. This alkaline water ionizer is the perfect health item for the family, office, or even as a gift. It can only benefit to get one while this deal lasts!

Some key basic features include (but aren’t limited to): Compact size to fit on counter top, Simple set up and installation, Two separate 9 stage filters for water filtration, Low electrical use and maintenance, Quiet operation, Variable settings for alkaline water, acidic water, and purified water, High quality and durable construction, No chemicals used so only natural water is produce! For further specifications on this machine, please visit The Atlas Store website.

Atlas Professional Lightweight Two Column Trolley Camera Backpack for Photography

               Are you looking for the perfect, sleek, easy to carry/roll, lightweight, modern trolley camera backpack? This Atlas branded backpack is the perfect fit for you as it can be used in a variety of situations. From traveling to quick moments needing to be captured, easy access and storage are some great benefits that come with this backpack. It’s lightweight, but can fit a lot! For example, it can fit a full-sized lap-top or tablet, PC, 2-3 DSLR 35mm video cameras, and much more! Atlas redesigned their professional photography backpack to improve the storage quality and space assortment. Now, the backpack features numerous accessories such as lenses, flashes, and tripods. Its unique design and quality gives it an optional/removable carting system which can be easily transformed from a rolling backpack to a carrying backpack. This backpack is great for transporting all kinds of items in an effortless manner as the wide-stance, roller-blade quality wheels enhance navigation. If you must carry your bag, you can easily disconnect the cart from the backpack, and start carrying it almost instantly. There is also a padded secure compartment designed to fit a range of small and large laptops (up to 17 inches long!), one tripod holder, and room for multiple accessories all at once. The shoulder straps are even padded courteously and contoured for extra comfort and durability (and it’s even water resistant!).  The backpack has been built universally for many types of cameras and sets such as Canon, Nikon, and Sony. This amazing backpack is available for almost half of its retailed-offered price and it comes with a 3-month warranty upon purchase to ensure our customers are confident buyers.

               Some key features include: Fits D-SLR Camera, 4-5 Lens Kit; Holds Notebook with Screen up to 15.4”; Paddle Interior; Padded Inserts & Adjustable Dividers; Tripod Mount; Backpack Harness; Built-in Premium Wheels; Spring-loaded Trolley Handle; Plenty of Pockets; See-through luggage or business card pocket; Tuck-away Waist Strap; Durable leather grip handle; Side compression straps with quick-release buckles; Adjustable Shoulder Straps; Easily transitions from rolling cart to backpack; cameras and accessories shown in picture are not included. If you want further specifications on the backpack, just visit The Atlas Store website.

Why you need a new Atlas Sleek Photo SLR Laptop Backpack

We live in the golden age of technology. There are so many different gadgets or products to aid us with our everyday life. There are so many that sometimes we cannot bring them all with us all the time. When I am taking pictures, I need my laptop, my camera, attachments for my camera, and many other accessories to ensure I can do my job. I just simply cannot carry all these items by myself, so I needed a backpack to carry all these items.

What kind of backpack are we looking for?
We need a backpack designed specifically for professional photographers. A photographer needs his camera and all his accessories in order to successfully take quality pictures. The equipment and accessories needed are fragile so they cannot just be thrown into any bag or backpack. A photography backpack must have multiple padded components that will cushion each piece of equipment from damaging other pieces of equipment. That is why a simple backpack with one big storage component will not suffice.

Can you recommend me one?
The Atlas store has the perfect backpack. We carry a sleek professional multi-purpose photo laptop backpack that has everything you need. Our backpack contains foam padded adjustable dividers to snugly secure each and every piece of equipment including a laptop computer. The versatile Atlas backpack also quickly transforms from a backpack to a carry bag or a sling bag to be easily carried however you like.

Wow! It definitely can safely carry my gear, but wouldn’t all that weight on my back be uncomfortable?
Our backpacks are designed for comfort no matter how heavy the equipment. The professional laptop backpack is made of comfortable nylon fabric with padded inserts to ease the weight on the shoulders. The Atlas store only uses lightweight material for backpacks to minimize any unnecessary weight.

Stop by the Atlas store today and give the Atlas Sleek and Professional Photo Laptop Backpack a try!
Just click the link below and you will be directed to the Atlas store page to purchase your very own laptop and camera backpack to safely transport all your equipment:

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

All you need to know about Photography and taking pictures of items

Photography can be done by anyone with relative ease.  However, quality photography requires much more skill and dedication than simply whipping out a phone and snapping a picture. We discussed taking better pictures with the aid of a selfie stick in an earlier blog post. Today we will take it another step further by introducing the concept of lighting in photography.
How is lighting used in photography?
If you try to take a picture at night, you will quickly realize that your picture is dark and blurry at best even with flash on. This highlights the significance of lighting when taking pictures.  Without the proper lighting, a picture will be dark, blurry, or just plain ugly. However, if you take a picture during the day when the sun is out, the picture ends up being much more vibrant and attractive than the dark and blurry one taken at night. Some people will attempt to stand in different spots or angles in order to utilize the sun for the best lighting and those pictures turn out way better.
If it is as simple as lighting, why are there still so many bad pictures?
It can be difficult finding the correct angle for the perfect amount of lighting using only sunlight.  Sometimes it is impossible because there is no sunlight at all. When there is no lighting available, it is impossible for even the most experienced professional photographers to take a beautiful radiant picture of anything. Thankfully sunlight is not the only source of lighting as we can create artificial lighting now.
How can we create artificial lighting?
A soft box is a tool used by photographers to create artificial lighting from a lamp.  The lamp is surrounded by at least one layer of material that spreads the light evenly from the lamp. The material is normally translucent so the light from the lamp can diffuse through it evenly.
Tell me more about the soft box!
 The Atlas store carries an extra large studio quality portable soft box kit designed for the average person to use. It has all the tools needed to take your photography to the next level. The kit comes with 4 interchangeable backgrounds, two lights outputting 5400 K, and a camera stand all easily transported by the carrying case. Our kit is extremely portable and easy to install, it will take you no time at all to have it up and running.
Give Atlas’ Soft box a try!
Just click the link below and you will be directed to the Atlas store page to purchase your very own soft box kit with everything you need to take gorgeous professional quality pictures.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

What you need to know about Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a category of therapy that deserves more attention because of the many benefits attributed to it. It aids in meditation, remaining calm, and reducing stress as a result.  Not only does it provide health benefits, but it also leaves the room smelling pleasing and desirable.
What is aromatherapy?
Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for healing purposes. The oils can be applied onto the skin or inhaled. The origins of aromatherapy are unclear because so many different cultures used different variations of aromatherapy in their everyday life. The Chinese burned incense to help balance the yin and the yang.  The Egyptians invented distillation machines to extract oil from plants. No matter the origin, aromatherapy still plays an integral role in various therapy processes.
What benefits does aromatherapy provide?
Aromatherapy helps reduce stress and other health problems related to stress. The essential oils released create a calming and relaxing atmosphere because our sense of smell is connected with our brain. Some smells will stimulate the amygdala, which is the part of the brain responsible for emotions and mood. Aromatherapy helps facilitate improved physical, mental, and emotional health.
Aromatherapy sounds too expensive and not practical!
All the countless benefits of aromatherapy can be attained through an ultrasonic aroma diffuser/humidifier.  Here at the Atlas store, we have an ultrasonic aroma diffuser that uses ultrasonic technology to break up the oils and releases it into the air. Our diffuser also humidifies the air through the ultra fine mist generated the ultrasonic technology. The Atlas diffuser is beautifully crafted with a bamboo base and can operate for upwards of 4 hours continuously to provide you  with a perfect aromatherapy session every time. We always carry the highest quality items at the lowest prices so everyone can afford the many benefits of aromatherapy at home.
Give Atlas’ ultrasonic aroma diffuser/humidifier a try
Just click the link below and you will be directed to the Atlas store page to purchase your very own aromatherapy machine

What you need to know about Selfie sticks

Selfie sticks are the new craze now.  Everywhere you go you see people happily standing in front of their selfie sticks and smiling for the camera. Whether someone is taking a picture of himself and his friends in front of a gorgeous landmark or a random picture of himself just for fun, a selfie stick helps capture every moment more efficiently.
Where did they suddenly come from?
Surprisingly, selfie sticks have been around since the 80s.  Hiroshi Ueda created a design for a selfie stick in the 80s, but it never panned out and it never became popular until Wayne Fromm came into the picture.  Wayne wanted something that grips any camera and withstands all types of environments.  After he started selling his original version of the selfie stick in 2006, other companies quickly designed their own selfie sticks and released them to consumers.  After 11 years of tweaking and refining their ideas, we have much cheaper and higher quality selfie sticks than ever before.
Why you need a selfie stick
Have you ever wanted a picture of you and your friends taken while on vacation but had no one around to help snap that picture?  A selfie stick will make sure you can have the perfect picture every time without the help of anyone else.  It also helps unlock a wide array of different perspectives and angles for your pictures.  It is up to you to decide at which angle you want the picture taken. 
Why Atlas’ selfie stick
Here at Atlas, we provide an extendable handheld selfie stick that is both lightweight and compact for easy transportation.  Atlas’ selfie stick is universal and supports almost all cell phone models.  It features a built in remote button that connects to your phone’s Bluetooth, enabling you to snap your own pictures through the selfie stick. Our selfie stick does not require any technical proficiency to set up and can be ready to go in less than 5 minutes. Shopping with us means you will not only receive the highest quality selfie stick, but you will also get it at the lowest prices.
Give Atlas’ selfie stick a try
Just click the link below and you will be directed to the Atlas store page to purchase your very own selfie stick.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Do You Need Dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier is another invention of science to facilitate us. A dehumidifier is a household appliance; it is used to reduce the moisture or humidity level in the air. The need of reducing humidity level just raises the level of comfort in the surrounding. Commercial buildings are usually closed sort of, not exposed to ventilation dehumidifier role or used start over there. Ice rinks increased the moisture or humidity; dehumidifier works there to reduce its intensity.

Why do you need a dehumidifier?
Large buildings and basements are developed; to create space within the specific area it is necessary to use them. Basements are commonly more cool and moist than another part of the house. The reason of basement moisture is underground water flows, high humidity in rest parts of the house and due to the base of the building. The moist environment gives an invitation to damage, rot and different kind of health issues.
Mold spores are usually found in the air of moist basement; it’s freely floating act causes many health problems which include asthma problem or other allergies. Dehumidifier role is very obvious to be called at that time; dehumidifier is specially designed for the purpose of controlling and managing the temps and humidity. Chances of mold spores float is at minimum with its use. Too much wetness in the air is always in the case of a basement.
Usually, we observe smells of mildew in basement or humid environment, finding mold on walls is common in that type of environment. Now days basements are used as sitting lounge, drawing room or for office purposes. It will look so odd when your guests and clients come to join you and see this type of unhealthy and rotten environment.

One solution
To get complete rid from humidity and horrible smells bring dehumidifier to your place and let it work for you, and you enjoy the fresh air and environment. Cool places like basements and storage places if they become dry it can play a role of wonder for the whole state because humidity gives birth to so many unhealthy particles. A dehumidifier has the capability to perform its function even in an atmosphere having a low temperature.

Selection of retailer
Selection of supplier or a shop to have dehumidifier for your cool storage places or basements is an important task. If you are doing online, purchase goes and sees the reviews of other customers who already made purchase to them. Looking at the stars, rating the service providers in the form of 5 stars, 4, 3, 2 and 1 star is very helpful to get clear picture about the worth of that retailer. 
Choose the dehumidifier which suits your requirement for example; concentration of humidity, size the of room where you are installing it. Act like a smart consumer, gather the basic information about the product and the retailer, and after evaluating all the useful information go for making that purchase.
Dehumidifier consumes electricity, but it’s not expensive at all. Its benefit in the form of well-controlled environment condition will surely compensate it’s all kind of costs.

 Atlas mini dehumidifier

 Atlas mini dehumidifier

 Atlas wireless dehumidifier

 Atlas wireless dehumidifier

 Atlas 50 pint dehumidifier

Untold Story of Air Purifiers

An air purifier is gaining popularity day by day because of its importance, what is its importance? Can be a question mark to those who have not tasted its benefits yet! Air purifiers are used on daily basis in offices, at homes, in school classrooms even wherever the gathering of people is expected. Human do breath; breathing process is important, so why not it should be pure and amazing? To make it pollutant free and to enjoy each single breath, just use an air purifier.

Air purifier device
Air purifier device is very compact, portable and easy to manage in all kind of small spaced rooms or big halls. The very first benefit you get from air purifier device as you install it in a room or office is that it cleans the air and remove all sort of pollutants from your surroundings. It’s only this benefit is that much greater, which motivates us to install it in our nearby. Not only in offices to give clean atmosphere to your employees and clients. It is also used by many parents to give clean breathing environment to their new born baby.

Benefits of installing air purifier
Breathing in clean air is a right of every human being, but the technological world made it bit difficult for everyone to have this fundamental right. Asthma problem has raised and hitting badly the lives of so many individuals. An air purifier is helpful in cutting asthma symptoms, make sure wherever you breathe the air is clean enough to support healthy breathing.
The air purifier device is not needed to be installed in each room of your house. You can have one of it, and move to any other room or hall along yourself. It is very light weighted, compact kind of device moving it from one place to another place is not a difficult task. Once you become habitual of air purifier, you would not prefer to take a breath in the polluted air. Air purifier removes almost 99% dust particles from the air.
Dust particles, bad smells, allergies like pollen allergy, uninvited asthma attacks all of them can be controlled just by one device of air purifier. Unclean environment accelerates bad mode, flare up the situation and unstable irritating emotional pattern, but when your surrounding is pollutant free and fresh smell, automatically you start enjoying yourself and your environment.

Affordable to buy
The question arises in mind; Device with so many benefits would be expensive and will grab a large amount from my bank account. No, air purifying device is not expensive, which you may not be able to afford. If you are putting your safety, your health at priority; you will not find it expensive. Air purifying devices are economical to buy; in fact, you can afford it for each of your room. Always prefer to buy it from a renowned and well-known supplier. To ensure sir purifying device working follows all the easy instructions to enjoy its maximum benefits.
 Atlas Acrylic Air Purifier

 Atlas Acrylic Air Purifier

 Atlas Acrylic Air Purifier

 Atlas Acrylic Air Purifier

How to Keep the Dust Away from Indoor Air

The Atlas Store: http://theatlasstore.com/

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Friday, August 19, 2016


Air purifiers are customarily recommended as a vital component of environmental control measures for the patient with respiratory diseases and allergies. Indoor air quality is an essential health concern and the risk of pollution inside the house is greater as compared to outside. Most of the time you spend inside your home, according to a research an average person spends 90 percent of the time inside the building because the needs of working within the building have arisen. Indoor air contains 2 to 5 times more contamination – and studies revealed, as much as 100 times more. It becomes a big deal to make atmosphere healthy, clean, and comfortable. Air purifiers or Air filters play a very vital role in cleaning the air.
·        Some purifiers are designed especially for Asthma patients and make air free from all kinds of particles which causes an allergic reaction. And provide healthy and pure air to breathe.
·        It helps in reducing the smoke particles and eliminates the smell present in the air.
·        When you are about to buy an air purifier ensure that your appliance is in sync with the Room Air Cleaner Certification Program standards listed. There is a standard set for air purifier appliances. Clean air delivery rate or CADR is a measure that evaluates the percentage of dirt free air in cubic feet.
·        Every day our bodies are exposed to toxins, and other organic pollutants which seem to be very harmful to our health, Air purifiers, on one hand, make the air free from these flecks.
·        The advantage of the purifier is to overcome air pollutants. An air purifier with a High-Efficiency Particulate Absorption (HEPA) filter is able to apprehend at least 99.97% of air contaminants, down to 0.3 microns in size. Some of these small particles may have very large adverse effects on the health.
·        Iconic purifiers help the people who have serious health, asthma issues by cleaning the tiniest particles in the air.
The patient who suffers from asthma needs a higher ACH rating purifier. The Air Changes per Hour ACH number tell us how often the air purifier can exchange all the air in the room within an hour.
·        Electronic air purifiers take the dust particles with the help of a fan and charge them with a series of high voltage wires. Several plates which carry the opposite charge hypnotize the contaminated particles as soon as they pass by the plates. Electric filters in Air purifiers use synthetic fibers which fabricate a static charge to attract the particles.
·        Ionic air purifiers use tiny, charged wires or needles to create gas molecules with negative charges or ions which adhere to the airborne particles and collect in the filters.

The right Air purifier will provide asthma and allergy cure by enhancing and making  the air free  from microbes and pollutants as a result establishes a healthy indoor air quality for you and your family.
Please visit The Atlas Store:  http://theatlasstore.com/

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The ultimate advantages of using Wireless Weatherproof Security CCTV Camera

Closed circuit TV camera which are generally known as CCTV camera are all around used to transmit the signs of a video camera which has been prepared at a specific place so that the view of any other place can be made possible without any ambiguity secretly. There are numerous tips by using which you can have Wireless Weatherproof Security CCTV Camera in your home, business or at any other place where higher level of security and monitoring is required such as the railway stations and airports etc.  

Make the Customers and Staff secured

When you are having your own business, then the responsibility of security of the customers who approach you and the employees which you have is surely upon you. No matter whether you know it or not but now it turns into your obligation to take care of everyone who is directly or indirectly associated with the business. With the use of Wireless Weatherproof Security CCTV Camera, you can secure both workers and customers in a number of ways without having any sort of ambiguity on your way.

Why should you opt for aroma diffusers?

Aroma diffusers come in different types, from satchel size to a spa diffuser. Scattering the essential oil into the room or space fancied in the main reason for diffusers regardless of what type. Claim to fame stores and in some cases in retail establishments is the place you can discover fragrance based treatment diffusers.
 Do it without anyone's help

With a specific end goal to make use of a natively constructed diffuser, there are so many approaches to making utilization of what you as of now have in your home in case you aren't certain in case you ought to yet put resources into a locally acquired diffuser. Here are some of the tips which you can take into consideration:
  • The aroma diffusers can be produced using a profound glass bowl that isn't bigger than your face measurement. Fill it just most of the way with bubbled water.
  • Include around ten drops of essential oil into the water. The warmth will bring about the oil to dissipate and administer the oil path into the wanted room you put it in.
  • Aroma diffusers can likewise be produced using candles. Candles that as of now arrive in a jug are a smart thought. Give the flame a chance to smolder for 60 minutes or if nothing else until the wax is liquefied in the jug, then include the coveted essential oil.
  • You will get the same impact you would get with the bubbling water strategy. The oil will be scattered noticeable all around from the warmth. You should recollect utilizing the essential oil with incredible alert since it is combustible.
Types of aroma diffusers
An awesome device is a nebulizer which breaks the fundamental oil into particular atoms before scattering them around the room. This makes the ingestion of the quintessence both better and faster. It is said that this strategy has a higher helpful quality.

We invest 70 percent of our energy inside where air may be no cleaner than the outside air. A diffuser is the least demanding, best technique for scattering key oils without adjusting their aroma and helpful quality. Diffused oils improve the amicability and prosperity of body, brain and soul. Aroma diffusers have been around for quite a while. With its protected diffuser framework it offers the most actually propelled technique for conveying the advantages of Aromatherapy.  

Why use the right diffuser?

Built to decrease fundamental oils to beads as little as one micron, the oil really turns out to be a piece of the air you relax. You get the conventional advantages of taking in the fragrance which takes after the olfactory pathway to the mind. But, moreover on the grounds that you breathe in the oils themselves which go through the resistor framework to the lungs you likewise rapidly get a general physiological advantage.  

Interim Timing

Researchers have exhibited consistently that the human olfactory sense is immediately satisfied, exchanged off consequently by the cerebrum. Aroma diffusers outsmart the cerebrum with its own particular timing gadget which is involved in naturally killing the unit on and at particular interim. It finds the olfactory sense dozing off and stirs it to the gainful fragrant healing background.

Choosing the Perfect Commercial Dehumidifier for Your Building

Do not allow pressure to surpass you, though! The rest of this content contains tips that you can use as you shop for the perfect dehumidifier system for your factory. It is essential for entrepreneurs to understand that there are several key kinds of professional home dehumidifier models currently available at The Atlas Store.

If you run a company, you are probably used to surprising costs popping-up every now and then. For example, maybe it has become obviously that your organization's factory is in need of a professional home dehumidifier. There are a wide range of things that lead manufacturing facilities and other identical structures to need dehumidifier models. As you go on reading, you will learn a wide range of essential information about business-level dehumidifier. Take several a few moments to image your organization's factory. It is a probably a huge, open room with several places of freight gates. Whenever these gates are started out, particularly during hot periods, the moisture within your factory will increase significantly buy dehumidifier. This can be challenging for several reasons. First, excessive moisture can motivate pattern to develop on your organization's stock or can cause several other harm.

Air Purifier Reviews Consumer Reports

Electrostatic filters use an electrostatic charge to draw in contaminants and trap them on collector plates. These filters are good for folk who don't want to have to fret about changing HEPA filters, but if the collection plates are not cleaned often, they quickly lose potency.

You see, we should be unusually grateful that we are born in this modern generation because of the existence of the Net. With the Net, each information whether about air purifier reviews consumer reports or any other like home air purifier can be discovered without difficulty on the web, with great articles like this.

When buying air purifiers, you should look for awards and certifications which have been given to the particular air scrubbers by commissioned organizations. If you are looking for an energy-efficient purifier, look to see what the Energy Star rating given to that model was. There also are air cleaners available which don't need air purifier filters; electronic air filters do not require air cleaning filters to work. This system works by gathering particles from the air on collecting plates within the cleaner, and while these don't need regular replacement, the filter less air scrubber still wishes some maintenance to stay at optimum potency - the collecting plates must be cleaned continually.

If the best air filter you can find will need frequent filter replacement, not only will you give upkeep to your unit rather regularly but you'll finish up spending money on a regular basis for these filter replacements.

Are you finding this article related to air purifier reviews consumer reports so far helpful? I am hoping so because that's the point of this article - to get you better educated on air purifier reviews consumer reports and other related air purifier ozone, sinus infection home remedy, and info. A comparative newcomer to air filters, UV light has been used for years in hospitals, doctor's offices, and dentist offices to sterilize instruments. UV light's main purpose is to kill biological organisms. It can kill germs, bacteria, and virus's relative newcomer to air purifiers, UV light has been employed for years in hospitals, doctor's offices, and dentist offices to sterilize instruments. UV light's main purpose is to kill biological organisms. It can kill germs, bacteria, and viruses.

Air filter comparisons constantly turn up negative evidence on a couple of the technologies employed in the air purification systems you'll see in stores. Ion air cleansers, for instance, while popular with many purchasers, are seen by pros to be reasonably ineffectual.Some purifiers come with a number of different convenient features. You could use a RC to operate the unit from a distance or you can program a sleep timer, allowing it to instantly shut off. Some will have an optional ionizer, permitting you to make the room smell fresher. These could play a difference in the unit you finish up buying because of their convenience.
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Advantageous Features of Hi-Tech RO Water Purifiers

So, you have read about the benefits of using RO water purifiers . You have read about this purification mechanism after getting your water tested in the nearest lab and you have been recommended of using a reverse osmosis filter system. It is not only the information material but also reviews and comments that have let you know about the best brand and variants of RO water purifiers available in the market or via direct sales. This is exactly what a wise consumer does before buying a product, especially a home consumer durable product. And when it comes to water purifiers, more effort and time is put because health cannot be compromised. With 80% of the diseases in the world being water borne, it is a must to drink water that is purified in advanced water purifiers involving the right mechanism.

When you buy a reverse osmosis filtration system, do consider the storage capacity as well. For a small family a low storage will do and vice versa. Most RO water purifiers that are a bit high on the budget come with advantageous features such as:

• Multi-stage filtration with the use of multiple cartridges in addition to RO membrane • Micro switch float feature to stop over flow of water • Auto shut off mechanism, thus saving energy for you • Manual flush facility, cleaning the cartridge and enhancing its life • Post taste enhancer for reviving the original taste of water • TDS reduction to maximum percentage and TDS support facility • Ease of cleaning the storage tank totally from inside from time to time • Facility for elimination of tough new-age contaminants.

Of course, there are downsides associated with the reverse osmosis filtration mechanism. But for every purification mechanism, there are both pros and cons. So, it is advisable to go for the highly hi-tech reverse osmosis filtration system of a reputed brand; in such a system, the cons are reduced compared to those that come with simple RO mechanisms. The biggest downside of using a reverse osmosis filtration system is the amount of water wasted during the filtering process besides the time it takes to purify water. But even that makes sense if your water is high in TDS content. Only the use of such a mechanism will prove effective to ensure that you consume only 100% safe and pure water.
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Air Purifiers - What You Need to Know When Buying

Are you in search for a nice air purifier for your room? What are air purifiers and humidifiers by the way? These are electrical gadgets that eliminate detrimental contaminants or particles that are present in the air. If you utilized it inside the residence, an air purifier helps in making the air you breathe much cleaner. If only for this health benefit, it can be a good reason to have for yourself your own air purifier.

When finally you decide that it is time to purchase your air purifying gadget, you must know what you are looking for. As it is, the typical attitude of a home owner is to buy the machine that has the lowest price or attractive appearance and design. You must not base your purchase on these reasons. You must definitely take time out in learning more about the product, especially the quality and level of performance of the model of air purifier that you are prospecting.

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Photography Studio Equipment Essentials - Choosing Your Perfect Photo Backdrops

What do you look for when choosing a photo backdrop as part of your photography studio equipment.

It's not just about the color; there are a few other considerations to think about before diving in headfirst and getting your perfect studio backdrop. What kind of choices do you have?
  • There's the color to choose?
  • The material it's made from?
  • The size you need?
  • What is your subject matter?
  • Are Digital Backdrops a better solution for you?
  • Transportable maybe?
As part of the Photography Studio Equipment Essentials article, we'll go into a bit of detail on each one.
What color do you choose for your photo backdrops?

There are many colors for you to choose from when you are considering what photo backdrop is best and to make it even harder there are solid one-color studio backdrops and also the grungy looking, dual or tri coloured backdrops.

In my experience, the one color solid backdrops are better for macro or product photography, except white and black, which are great for portraits too, and I personally think they should be a part of every photographer's studio equipment.

The grungy ones are great for portraiture and draping over your photography props.

What material are the studio backdrops made from?

Here you have two basic choices:

Paper photo backdrop

You can buy this in sheets of various sizes or you can buy them in massive rolls.

Material photo backdrops

There are different types of materials to choose from here from heavy to light or from thick to thin, 
even see through ones. They mostly come in large rolls or in a pop-up style.

What size of photo backdrop do you need?

This all comes down to the size of your subject matter really? If your subject is a flower, then a small sheet of paper may be fine. But, if it's a family portrait, a larger rolled photo backdrop will probably suit better.

Are Digital Backdrops a better solution?

This is a question only you can answer.

But think about this, if you only had ONE large roll of white paper or even used a white bed sheet as your main photo backdrop, you could buy a digital backdrops pack and drop one into your photographs during post process editing.

This throws up some good points too. This option is cheaper for you to start building your photographic studio equipment and also gives you the chance to sample a bunch of different photo backdrops to see which style you want to buy when you or your studio can afford it.

Transportable maybe?

Do you take your photography studio equipment on the road?

I do and I have lots of fun and make good money from it, but apart from the digital backdrops solution, most photo backdrops are big and bulky.

A great solution I use is to have a large pop-up style backdrop with more material at the front for people and pets to stand on.

This fits in to a round flat zip-able bag for transporting and either leans on a wall or is held up by a photography lighting kits flash stand.
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Enjoy Shopping With Electronic Deals

These days shopping has become a mania. People love to shop, and even window shopping has become a hobby. Nowadays electronic stores offer a variety of electronic deals to sell more and more electronic items. There are many reasons for this:

1. More than one item is sold.

Making electronic deals is quite favorable for electronic stores. Reason being when one item is attached in a deal with another item a major price difference is shown. This way the electronic stores gain more profit. When they try to sell an iron in an electronic deal with a food factory at a lower rate, people who don't even need an iron would buy the pair because of the deal as buying these two items separately would be expensive and they might need a spare iron sometime anyway. Electronic stores have wedding electronic deals. These deals make it easier for customers like young couples to get all the required items to set up their new homes without much hassle of forgetting an item and going to the market again and again to purchase different things. This way they save both time and money.

2. Even those items are sold that are less in demand.

When electronic deals for items are made by electronic stores they are made in such a way that all those items that are not much in demand can be sold out. This way all those products that are kept in stock for just maybe no reason are easily sold off. Hair dryers, irons, curlers, DVDs, TVs, etc specially of any specific brand that are not much in demand or a specific model is not being produced any more; the best way to sell them off is by making electronic deals.

3. Deals attract more customers.

These days most of the stores are huge shopping malls that have all kind of electronic items in them. They have a side named for the electronic stores that have all kind of brands with them. When these shopping malls put up electronic deals for their electronic stores, these deals attract customers. As all those people who find any kind of discount in any item they are interested in buying they rush towards these electronic stores. The shopping malls that have these stores end up making big sales as all those people who come to shop for electronic goods end up buying other stuff as well.

4. Deals promote the value of the store.

The promotional value of any kind of store that introduces any kind of a discount electronic deal end up making big announcements which make the popularity graph go high. Not just the popularity graph but also the public gets to know about the store and with good promotional deals available they like to visit the store more frequently.

Electronic stores these days are making a lot of money by making deals for electronic items. These deals help the public in many ways by saving their time and money. People enjoy going to such stores that have electronic deals or other promotional deals.

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