Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Atlas Professional One Column Trolley Wheeled laptop Backpack

So far we have discussed a professional backpack for cameras and all photo equipment, a professional bag for carrying just a camera, and now we will figure out a backpack to carry heavy photographic equipment.
What do we need to carry heavy photographic equipment?
When you must carry around a lot of heavy equipment, we need to find something that can be transported without being carried on your back. Even though Atlas’ professional backpack can be used for carrying heavy photographic equipment, it is better to have a different bag that can be rolled to relieve stress on your back. A roller bag is perfect because it reduces the strain on your shoulders from having to support the backpack. Instead, you just have to pull it along with you when you need to transport anything.

I know Atlas always has high quality bags; do you guys have a roller bag?
The Atlas store carries a professional one column trolley camera and laptop bag featuring a deluxe spring-loaded trolley system. It is a versatile bag that converts into a backpack that can be worn on your back if you do not want to pull it as a trolley. Our bag is made from resistant polyester fabric that will ensure the safety of all your equipment. Similar to the other Atlas bags, this bag also utilizes foam padded multi-compartments and adjustable dividers to properly secure and protect all equipment. Atlas’ trolley bag has built in premium wheels that will not break down.
Give Atlas’ Professional Trolley Wheeled Laptop and Camera Backpack a try!
If you have been following our other posts, you know how important it is to have a bag to carry your equipment. If you have not purchased one yet, we highly recommend you try this one out. Just click the link below and you will be directed to the Atlas store page to purchase your very own professional trolley wheeled laptop and camera bag.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Atlas Photo SLR Camera Bag

Last time we discussed the necessity of having a professional backpack to carry all your photography equipment. Today we will talk about situations where you do not need a large backpack to carry everything. There will be times when you only want to bring your camera with you.
I already have the professional backpack, why don’t I just use that one?
You definitely can use that one if you want to and it is great for carrying cameras and camera equipment. But sometimes you might want something more compact and easier to carry. You need a smaller bag designed specifically for holding a camera and one or two accessories rather than a larger backpack made to carry everything.
In that case, what should I do!
You can find a more compact bag meant to snugly hold just your camera. It should be pretty similar to the Atlas professional all purpose backpack we discussed earlier. Your camera backpack should have a padded interior made of lightweight material. The more compact camera backpack should basically be a small-scale version of the Atlas all purpose backpack that you have seen in an earlier post.
I love my professional all purpose backpack, do you guys carry a smaller version for just my camera?
Luckily, we do carry a compact DSLR camera bag at the Atlas store. Our professional camera bag has foam padded components adjustable to your own specifications. It offers an adjustable and padded shoulder strap for comfort and easy transport. Even though it is more compact than any of our other bags, it is created with the same material as all our other bags and is just as strong and durable.
If you liked Atlas’ Professional Photo Laptop Backpack, give Atlas’ Professional Camera bag a try!

Just click the link below and you will be directed to the Atlas store page to purchase your very own professional camera bag:

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Atlas Alkaline Water Ionizer Purifier with Two 9-Level Filters

You can drink the healthiest water with one touch operation! (Counter top).

This Alkaline Water Ionizer creates high quality Alkaline and acidic water to enhance and sustain one’s health and for a variety of in-home uses. One might wonder, what makes alkaline so special? Where is the magic? Well, if you didn’t know, alkaline water has a higher pH level than plain tap water has, hence it can neutralize acid in your bloodstream. This derives great consequences as your metabolism increases and your body is able to absorb the nutrients more in which you take in. It’s even said that the special alkaline water can help prevent diseases and even slows down aging with its antioxidant properties that help control free radicals. Some other studies suggest that alkaline water can help slow down the process of bone decay. Alkaline water also cleanses the organs and prevents illnesses from bacteria build-up. It’s really true what they say, “you are what you eat!” It’s important that we drink and consume clean and bacteria free foods and water, as it can lead to a longer healthy life.
Since alkaline water is able to produce water at pH levels ranging from basic all the way to high acidic, it can be used to neutralize acid content in the body, as well as disinfect vegetables and washing the dishes. This particular unit is a freestanding model which is set to perform its functions with little installation work. In case you are wondering, you can still use a separate tap for regular water if desired. This special alkaline water can create the most pure alkaline and acidic water to benefit your health or for a variety of home uses. The ionizer has specific settings which make it fairly easy to navigate (such as selecting which type of water you desire; it even produces and makes high quality filtered water if desired). The machine comes with two complimentary durable washable filters complete with 9 levels of filtration. This alkaline water ionizer is the perfect health item for the family, office, or even as a gift. It can only benefit to get one while this deal lasts!

Some key basic features include (but aren’t limited to): Compact size to fit on counter top, Simple set up and installation, Two separate 9 stage filters for water filtration, Low electrical use and maintenance, Quiet operation, Variable settings for alkaline water, acidic water, and purified water, High quality and durable construction, No chemicals used so only natural water is produce! For further specifications on this machine, please visit The Atlas Store website.

Atlas Professional Lightweight Two Column Trolley Camera Backpack for Photography

               Are you looking for the perfect, sleek, easy to carry/roll, lightweight, modern trolley camera backpack? This Atlas branded backpack is the perfect fit for you as it can be used in a variety of situations. From traveling to quick moments needing to be captured, easy access and storage are some great benefits that come with this backpack. It’s lightweight, but can fit a lot! For example, it can fit a full-sized lap-top or tablet, PC, 2-3 DSLR 35mm video cameras, and much more! Atlas redesigned their professional photography backpack to improve the storage quality and space assortment. Now, the backpack features numerous accessories such as lenses, flashes, and tripods. Its unique design and quality gives it an optional/removable carting system which can be easily transformed from a rolling backpack to a carrying backpack. This backpack is great for transporting all kinds of items in an effortless manner as the wide-stance, roller-blade quality wheels enhance navigation. If you must carry your bag, you can easily disconnect the cart from the backpack, and start carrying it almost instantly. There is also a padded secure compartment designed to fit a range of small and large laptops (up to 17 inches long!), one tripod holder, and room for multiple accessories all at once. The shoulder straps are even padded courteously and contoured for extra comfort and durability (and it’s even water resistant!).  The backpack has been built universally for many types of cameras and sets such as Canon, Nikon, and Sony. This amazing backpack is available for almost half of its retailed-offered price and it comes with a 3-month warranty upon purchase to ensure our customers are confident buyers.

               Some key features include: Fits D-SLR Camera, 4-5 Lens Kit; Holds Notebook with Screen up to 15.4”; Paddle Interior; Padded Inserts & Adjustable Dividers; Tripod Mount; Backpack Harness; Built-in Premium Wheels; Spring-loaded Trolley Handle; Plenty of Pockets; See-through luggage or business card pocket; Tuck-away Waist Strap; Durable leather grip handle; Side compression straps with quick-release buckles; Adjustable Shoulder Straps; Easily transitions from rolling cart to backpack; cameras and accessories shown in picture are not included. If you want further specifications on the backpack, just visit The Atlas Store website.

Why you need a new Atlas Sleek Photo SLR Laptop Backpack

We live in the golden age of technology. There are so many different gadgets or products to aid us with our everyday life. There are so many that sometimes we cannot bring them all with us all the time. When I am taking pictures, I need my laptop, my camera, attachments for my camera, and many other accessories to ensure I can do my job. I just simply cannot carry all these items by myself, so I needed a backpack to carry all these items.

What kind of backpack are we looking for?
We need a backpack designed specifically for professional photographers. A photographer needs his camera and all his accessories in order to successfully take quality pictures. The equipment and accessories needed are fragile so they cannot just be thrown into any bag or backpack. A photography backpack must have multiple padded components that will cushion each piece of equipment from damaging other pieces of equipment. That is why a simple backpack with one big storage component will not suffice.

Can you recommend me one?
The Atlas store has the perfect backpack. We carry a sleek professional multi-purpose photo laptop backpack that has everything you need. Our backpack contains foam padded adjustable dividers to snugly secure each and every piece of equipment including a laptop computer. The versatile Atlas backpack also quickly transforms from a backpack to a carry bag or a sling bag to be easily carried however you like.

Wow! It definitely can safely carry my gear, but wouldn’t all that weight on my back be uncomfortable?
Our backpacks are designed for comfort no matter how heavy the equipment. The professional laptop backpack is made of comfortable nylon fabric with padded inserts to ease the weight on the shoulders. The Atlas store only uses lightweight material for backpacks to minimize any unnecessary weight.

Stop by the Atlas store today and give the Atlas Sleek and Professional Photo Laptop Backpack a try!
Just click the link below and you will be directed to the Atlas store page to purchase your very own laptop and camera backpack to safely transport all your equipment:

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

All you need to know about Photography and taking pictures of items

Photography can be done by anyone with relative ease.  However, quality photography requires much more skill and dedication than simply whipping out a phone and snapping a picture. We discussed taking better pictures with the aid of a selfie stick in an earlier blog post. Today we will take it another step further by introducing the concept of lighting in photography.
How is lighting used in photography?
If you try to take a picture at night, you will quickly realize that your picture is dark and blurry at best even with flash on. This highlights the significance of lighting when taking pictures.  Without the proper lighting, a picture will be dark, blurry, or just plain ugly. However, if you take a picture during the day when the sun is out, the picture ends up being much more vibrant and attractive than the dark and blurry one taken at night. Some people will attempt to stand in different spots or angles in order to utilize the sun for the best lighting and those pictures turn out way better.
If it is as simple as lighting, why are there still so many bad pictures?
It can be difficult finding the correct angle for the perfect amount of lighting using only sunlight.  Sometimes it is impossible because there is no sunlight at all. When there is no lighting available, it is impossible for even the most experienced professional photographers to take a beautiful radiant picture of anything. Thankfully sunlight is not the only source of lighting as we can create artificial lighting now.
How can we create artificial lighting?
A soft box is a tool used by photographers to create artificial lighting from a lamp.  The lamp is surrounded by at least one layer of material that spreads the light evenly from the lamp. The material is normally translucent so the light from the lamp can diffuse through it evenly.
Tell me more about the soft box!
 The Atlas store carries an extra large studio quality portable soft box kit designed for the average person to use. It has all the tools needed to take your photography to the next level. The kit comes with 4 interchangeable backgrounds, two lights outputting 5400 K, and a camera stand all easily transported by the carrying case. Our kit is extremely portable and easy to install, it will take you no time at all to have it up and running.
Give Atlas’ Soft box a try!
Just click the link below and you will be directed to the Atlas store page to purchase your very own soft box kit with everything you need to take gorgeous professional quality pictures.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

What you need to know about Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a category of therapy that deserves more attention because of the many benefits attributed to it. It aids in meditation, remaining calm, and reducing stress as a result.  Not only does it provide health benefits, but it also leaves the room smelling pleasing and desirable.
What is aromatherapy?
Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for healing purposes. The oils can be applied onto the skin or inhaled. The origins of aromatherapy are unclear because so many different cultures used different variations of aromatherapy in their everyday life. The Chinese burned incense to help balance the yin and the yang.  The Egyptians invented distillation machines to extract oil from plants. No matter the origin, aromatherapy still plays an integral role in various therapy processes.
What benefits does aromatherapy provide?
Aromatherapy helps reduce stress and other health problems related to stress. The essential oils released create a calming and relaxing atmosphere because our sense of smell is connected with our brain. Some smells will stimulate the amygdala, which is the part of the brain responsible for emotions and mood. Aromatherapy helps facilitate improved physical, mental, and emotional health.
Aromatherapy sounds too expensive and not practical!
All the countless benefits of aromatherapy can be attained through an ultrasonic aroma diffuser/humidifier.  Here at the Atlas store, we have an ultrasonic aroma diffuser that uses ultrasonic technology to break up the oils and releases it into the air. Our diffuser also humidifies the air through the ultra fine mist generated the ultrasonic technology. The Atlas diffuser is beautifully crafted with a bamboo base and can operate for upwards of 4 hours continuously to provide you  with a perfect aromatherapy session every time. We always carry the highest quality items at the lowest prices so everyone can afford the many benefits of aromatherapy at home.
Give Atlas’ ultrasonic aroma diffuser/humidifier a try
Just click the link below and you will be directed to the Atlas store page to purchase your very own aromatherapy machine

What you need to know about Selfie sticks

Selfie sticks are the new craze now.  Everywhere you go you see people happily standing in front of their selfie sticks and smiling for the camera. Whether someone is taking a picture of himself and his friends in front of a gorgeous landmark or a random picture of himself just for fun, a selfie stick helps capture every moment more efficiently.
Where did they suddenly come from?
Surprisingly, selfie sticks have been around since the 80s.  Hiroshi Ueda created a design for a selfie stick in the 80s, but it never panned out and it never became popular until Wayne Fromm came into the picture.  Wayne wanted something that grips any camera and withstands all types of environments.  After he started selling his original version of the selfie stick in 2006, other companies quickly designed their own selfie sticks and released them to consumers.  After 11 years of tweaking and refining their ideas, we have much cheaper and higher quality selfie sticks than ever before.
Why you need a selfie stick
Have you ever wanted a picture of you and your friends taken while on vacation but had no one around to help snap that picture?  A selfie stick will make sure you can have the perfect picture every time without the help of anyone else.  It also helps unlock a wide array of different perspectives and angles for your pictures.  It is up to you to decide at which angle you want the picture taken. 
Why Atlas’ selfie stick
Here at Atlas, we provide an extendable handheld selfie stick that is both lightweight and compact for easy transportation.  Atlas’ selfie stick is universal and supports almost all cell phone models.  It features a built in remote button that connects to your phone’s Bluetooth, enabling you to snap your own pictures through the selfie stick. Our selfie stick does not require any technical proficiency to set up and can be ready to go in less than 5 minutes. Shopping with us means you will not only receive the highest quality selfie stick, but you will also get it at the lowest prices.
Give Atlas’ selfie stick a try
Just click the link below and you will be directed to the Atlas store page to purchase your very own selfie stick.