Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Atlas Store Metal Detector

Have you ever wanted to find treasure buried in the sea or underground just like they do in the movies? The Atlas Store’s metal detector can help launch you on your very own treasure hunt! Today we will go over how to set it up for your treasure hunts.
How do I assemble it?
When you first receive your metal detector, there is some assembly required, but no tools are needed. First you have to connect the search coil with the lower stem, which is made of black fiberglass. Make sure you tighten the bolt when you connect it. Slide the lower stem into the upper stem and adjust it to a comfortable length. When you are standing up with your arms to the side, the search coil should be level with the ground. Tighten the lower stem by rotating counter clockwise. Wind the search coil cable around the stem that you just assembled and insert the search coil’s plug into the search coil’s jack. Be careful not to over tighten the search coil. We have mostly finished assembling the metal detector and just need to assemble the arm support. We do this by pressing the silver button on the upper end of the stem and inserting the aluminum end of the support into it.  Our metal detector is all assembled and we just need to insert two batteries into the battery compartment.
How do I use it?
When you first turn on your metal detector, you can choose between 4 modes, DISC, ALL METAL, NOTCH, AUTO-NOTCH. DISC, NOTCH, and AUTO-NOTCH are all motion modes where the coil must be in continuous motion or there will be nothing found. DISC mode allows you to eliminate unwanted objects from detection among the categories on top of the panel from left to right. NOTCH mode lets you selectively eliminate one or several metals from the categories. AUTO-NOTCH automatically eliminates trash metals and only detects coins and other precious metals. The ALL METAL mode is only for when the metal detector is not in motion. It emits a sound that gets stronger when the signal is stronger.
I know how these modes work, I want to change the settings to better suit my needs, how do I do that?
You can change the settings in the DISC, NOTCH, and AUTO-NOTCH modes but not in the ALL METAL mode. To change the sensitivity in any of these 3 modes, hit the ADJ button and make sure the LCD screen displays SENS at the bottom right corner. Simply press the “+” button or the “-“ button to increase or decrease sensitivity.

For more information on our metal detectors or for further assistance, click here and come visit The Atlas Store.