Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Atlas Photo SLR Camera Bag

Last time we discussed the necessity of having a professional backpack to carry all your photography equipment. Today we will talk about situations where you do not need a large backpack to carry everything. There will be times when you only want to bring your camera with you.
I already have the professional backpack, why don’t I just use that one?
You definitely can use that one if you want to and it is great for carrying cameras and camera equipment. But sometimes you might want something more compact and easier to carry. You need a smaller bag designed specifically for holding a camera and one or two accessories rather than a larger backpack made to carry everything.
In that case, what should I do!
You can find a more compact bag meant to snugly hold just your camera. It should be pretty similar to the Atlas professional all purpose backpack we discussed earlier. Your camera backpack should have a padded interior made of lightweight material. The more compact camera backpack should basically be a small-scale version of the Atlas all purpose backpack that you have seen in an earlier post.
I love my professional all purpose backpack, do you guys carry a smaller version for just my camera?
Luckily, we do carry a compact DSLR camera bag at the Atlas store. Our professional camera bag has foam padded components adjustable to your own specifications. It offers an adjustable and padded shoulder strap for comfort and easy transport. Even though it is more compact than any of our other bags, it is created with the same material as all our other bags and is just as strong and durable.
If you liked Atlas’ Professional Photo Laptop Backpack, give Atlas’ Professional Camera bag a try!

Just click the link below and you will be directed to the Atlas store page to purchase your very own professional camera bag: