Tuesday, October 4, 2016

All you need to know about Photography and taking pictures of items

Photography can be done by anyone with relative ease.  However, quality photography requires much more skill and dedication than simply whipping out a phone and snapping a picture. We discussed taking better pictures with the aid of a selfie stick in an earlier blog post. Today we will take it another step further by introducing the concept of lighting in photography.
How is lighting used in photography?
If you try to take a picture at night, you will quickly realize that your picture is dark and blurry at best even with flash on. This highlights the significance of lighting when taking pictures.  Without the proper lighting, a picture will be dark, blurry, or just plain ugly. However, if you take a picture during the day when the sun is out, the picture ends up being much more vibrant and attractive than the dark and blurry one taken at night. Some people will attempt to stand in different spots or angles in order to utilize the sun for the best lighting and those pictures turn out way better.
If it is as simple as lighting, why are there still so many bad pictures?
It can be difficult finding the correct angle for the perfect amount of lighting using only sunlight.  Sometimes it is impossible because there is no sunlight at all. When there is no lighting available, it is impossible for even the most experienced professional photographers to take a beautiful radiant picture of anything. Thankfully sunlight is not the only source of lighting as we can create artificial lighting now.
How can we create artificial lighting?
A soft box is a tool used by photographers to create artificial lighting from a lamp.  The lamp is surrounded by at least one layer of material that spreads the light evenly from the lamp. The material is normally translucent so the light from the lamp can diffuse through it evenly.
Tell me more about the soft box!
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