Saturday, March 8, 2014

AlcoHAWK PT500 Breathalyzer

AlcoHAWK PT500 Breathalyzer

Portable Breathalyzer Alcohol Tester

New PT500 breathalyzer features a PT Core™ fuel-cell sensor for enhanced linear accuracy and reliability. Includes 5 mouthpieces, soft cover, manual/quick guide + 1 YR warranty. FDA 510k cleared.

Advanced Features of the AlcoHAWK® PT500
PT Core™ Fuel-cell Sensor Technology: The PT Core™ sensor is an exciting new technology available in the AlcoHAWK® PT models. This new technology incorporates an electro-chemical fuel-cell detection system. PT Core™ Technology offers many advantages over semi-conductor based technologies such as:
  • Better linear accuracy away from the point of calibration
  • Not subject to interference from ketones which can be seen in conditions such as diabetes or people on fad diets
  • Improved sensor life - The PT Core™ sensor is designed to be robust and last for thousands of tests in fields such as Law Enforcement
  • Easy-to-Read LCD Display: The AlcoHAWK® PT500 offers a large, easy-to-read LCD display to make the unit the most informative and understandable AlcoHAWK® Series product on the market.
  • Temperature Display: The AlcoHAWK® PT500 constantly displays the ambient temperature during use to help you operate the unit during its optimal temperature range of 50° - 104° F (10° - 40° C).
  • Warning Level Indicator: The AlcoHAWK® PT500 features an audible and visual warning when a subject's BAC surpasses the adjustable BAC alarm point.
  • Pressure Scan Sensor: Ensures that the user blows with enough force to start a test and also ensures that they continue to blow through the unit throughout the entire test.
  • Automatic Pump: Simple one button sampling with no manual activation of pump required.
  • Test Counter: Keep track of the number of tests run on the unit.

pt 500 alohawk breathalyzer
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