Tuesday, August 22, 2017

What happens when you don't clean your ozone plates and filter

What happens when you don’t clean your ozone plates or filter?

Ozone plates become rusty and dirty after repeated use because pollutants and other particles collect on your plate as it gets used. If you notice your air purifier is not working as well as when you first got it, it is most likely because the ozone plates on your machine are dirty. Your machine cannot release as much ozone to purify the air if the plates are dirty and damaged. Another reason could be that the filter in your air purifier is dirty. During everyday use of your purifier, particles get stuck in the filter and collect there until cleaned off. An uncleaned filter leads to less pollutants being filtered out so your air is not as pure as when you first bought the purifier. We have attached images of dirty filters and ozone plates that need to be cleaned below. Please refer to them to understand what can happen when you don’t clean your plates and filters.

How do I clean my ozone plates and filter?

Atlas recommends that you use a toothbrush and soap to clean your ozone plates or filters. Run your toothbrush under warm water and put a small squirt of soap onto the toothbrush. Scrub the metal part of the ozone plate thoroughly until the dust and other particles are gone. You can clean your filter the same way you clean your ozone plates. Scrub off as much of the dirt and dust on your ozone plates and air filters as you can every month to ensure the longevity of your air purifier.

What happens when I can’t scrub it all off?

Sometimes there will be too much wear and tear on your ozone plates and air filters. When that happens, you will need to buy new ozone plates and new air filters. We recommend you change your ozone plates and filter after a year of use even if you regularly clean them in order for your machine to be running optimally.

Most issues with your Atlas air purifier can be fixed by either cleaning your plates and filter or replacing them with new ones from the Atlas store. Click HERE to go the Atlas store to buy a fresh new set of ozone plates and filters.

The images below are examples of dirty ozone plates, air filters, as well as a comparison of a damaged ozone plate against a new ozone plate.

IMG 1: Dirty Ozone Plates
IMG 2: Dirty Ozone Plate vs Clean Ozone Plate


IMG 3: Dirty Air Filter