Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Atlas Security Camera

You might think you live in a safe neighborhood and you are safe from crime, but all it takes is one burglar to destroy your life.
Burglaries in the U.S.
Almost 2.5 million home burglaries happen each year. One out of every three residential assaults results from burglaries. The chance of having everything stolen from your home is too high to ignore. The average loss from a burglary is $2,251. That is only the average amount lost. You can be losing way more than just $2,251 when your home gets burglarized.
But my home is safe!
Even if you think your home is safe because there will be someone home or you think you know the people in your neighborhood, you can still be targeted. The majority of break-ins are by burglars who live nearby. They know what you have in your home as well as any weaknesses in your home. In nearly 30% of the burglaries a household member is present. Just because there is someone home does not detract determined thieves from attacking your home.
What helps protect me?
A home security system is essential in combating burglaries. About 60% of convicted burglars said that the presence of a home security system caused them to target another home. When you have a home security system, you are not worth the risk and trouble for burglars to steal from your household. The Atlas store has small night vision weatherproof cameras as well as hidden cameras to help provide you with the security you need. Our night vision camera utilizes a high quality color CMOS sensor for crisp, clear images even when visibility is low. Burglars will leave your house alone when they see that they are being monitored and they can be potentially identified if they attempt to attack your home. This is the perfect safety measure for your household.
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