Wednesday, May 18, 2016

GOT ALLERGY? GET THE NEW ATL9020 True HEPA Air Purifier! With Negative Ion Generator, UVC Light & Remote.

Did you know that our air can contain over 400 species of fungi?

Our sleek ATL9020 focus on filtration on allergies, bacteria, and fungi. This air purifier can be used at home or workplace to eliminate or reduce air pollutants such as bacteria, fungi, dust, smoke or allergens. This air purifier takes care of it all! Because the true HEPA filter is used alongside the negative ionizer and UVC lamp, this purifier is the perfect solution to your indoor allergies and allergen removal!

ATL9020 comes with powerful UV light which works by breaking molecular bonds and destroys micro-organisms like bacteria, fungi and any other germs. This unit comes with True HEPA filter which is cleanable and removes 99% airborne particles like pollen, dust and smoke.

This unit filters the air by trapping carbon and charcoal particles in the air with the active carbon pre-filter that comes with it. The air purifier is very easy to maintain, because the filter can be washed by water when it accumulates dust. The air purifier filter is recommended to be cleaned at least monthly and replaced after 6 to 9 months depending on usage. Atlas store, expert in air purifier is here to help you own this unit with a 20% OFF summer discount for better living. For more info Visit

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